Jenna Jameson

This version of her face was better.

* Grassley, if you think a letter will get the SCOTUS health care arguments on TV, then you probably think the ABA is going to do something about your letters to them, too. Aww. [Blog of Legal Times]

* When in doubt, get the f**k out. Take this expert advice from Judge Paul Hawkes: the best way to avoid an ethics hearing is to quit resign from your job. [Palm Beach Post]

* Mmm, “law school porn.” So thick, so long, so… stupid. Just think of all of the other bigger and better things that law schools could be spending your tuition money on. [National Law Journal]

* And in real porn news, a litigant says that Jenna Jameson is “possessed.” But was he talking about her case, or the evil plastic surgery demon who did a number on her face? [Chicago Tribune]

* Gary Busey is being sued for walking under the influence at an Oklahoma airport. Applicable Buseyism? CRAP: Colliding Recklessly Against Passengers. [International Business Times]

* Tot Mom’s mom won’t face perjury charges after all. Too bad, because at this point, convicting any C. Anthony for something related to Caylee’s death would be a win for Florida prosecutors. [CNN]

* Facebook connects you with the people around you, including federal law enforcement agencies. And there’s no way to adjust your privacy settings to avoid it. [Thomson Reuters]

* Howrey going to pay nearly $500K in bonuses when we’re bankrupt? Businesses want a cut of the defunct firm’s cash, but stay tuned to see if they’ll actually get it. [ABA Journal]

* Casey Anthony is being sued by a volunteer group that went looking for her “missing” daughter. This is the case that never ends. Yes, it goes on and on, my friends. [South Florida Sun-Sentinel]

* Thinking of stalking your favorite firm via Twitter? Someone wants to help you out! Check out this comprehensive list of AmLaw 100 firms that are active Twits. [Marketing Strategy and the Law]

* Are Blue Balls a medical emergency worthy of skipping out on a book signing? They are according to Jenna Jameson, and she wants the chance to say so in court. [Huffington Post]