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Just when you thought TV had run out of legal drama series concepts, Sony Pictures TV went rummaging through 2004’s trash and resuscitated this old turd: Dead Lawyers.

The series, originally developed for the Syfy channel, follows “a hotshot defense attorney [who] is run over by a bus and finds himself in his own version of hell: a law firm on earth composed of other dead lawyers, all trying to right miscarriages of justice in order to redeem themselves.” Astonishingly, the show never aired.

But in the bleak 2011 world of Two and a Half Jokes, Cumulatively Men and Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, Dead Lawyers just might be solid gold….

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Jerry O'Connell Jeremiah O'Connell law school law student small.jpg* Legal troubles mount for Google after its disclosure that its Street View cars sucked up wireless information from people who stupidly neglected to password-protect their networks. [Media Post; Courthouse News Service]

*Apparently, 1L year did Jerry O’Connell in. [Associated Press]

* Will Michelle Obama deport this over-sharing little girl’s mom? [Washington Post]

* If you think you can parlay your J.D. into teaching high school, think again. [New York Times]

* Elena Kagan will be in the hot seat in June. [Washington Post]

* Pennsylvania AG goes after critical tweeps. [Threat Level/Wired via ABA Journal]

* NYCLU wants to put a stop to the NYPD stop-and-frisk database. [New York Times]

Jerry O'Connell Jeremiah O'Connell law school law student.jpgWith royalties from Camp Wilder not the cash machine they once were, Jerry O’Connell has traded in the glamor of Samantha Who? cameos and a Crossing Jordan recurring role for something even less glamorous.

Reports Us Magazine: “Jerry O’Connell has gone back to [law] school, his rep confirms to”

O’Connell’s new career path comes as no surprise to fans. A $160,000 six-figure salary upon graduation would mean a substantial pay increase from his cumulative prior earnings.

But where does an actor of O’Connell’s star power go for his J.D.?

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