Joe Escalante

Ed. note: This column will be about entertainment, the law, and the intersection of those two things. If you know of a law-related personality you’d like to see interviewed here, please contact us.

Staci here. This week, Sam was lucky enough to chat with the bassist from The Vandals, one of my favorite bands from my teenage years. It’s likely that only former punk rock aficionados will understand where the title of this post comes from.

This bassist, Joe Escalante, isn’t just a member of a band — he’s a lawyer, too! In fact, you may remember that he ran for a judgeship in Los Angeles County this summer. Escalante is currently the host of Barely Legal Radio, a syndicated entertainment legal advice radio call-in program.

So what’s the best advice that can be given to people who want to become entertainment lawyers, aside from graduating from an Ivy League law school? Let’s find out what Escalante thinks….

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