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    Fatal Attraction: Was The Biglaw Associate Accused Of Abuse Actually The Victim?

    A Biglaw associate, accused last month by his ex-girlfriend of stalking, claims that SHE is the abuser and the stalker. Who’s telling the truth?

    24 Comments / / Mar 24, 2014 at 7:31 PM
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    Non-Sequiturs: 05.08.13

    * Professor Alfred Brophy wonders if The Great Gatsby (affiliate link) provides an early preview of product placement. In any event, I’m willing to bet the new movie will provide a stellar latter day view of product placement. [The Faculty Lounge]

    * Brooklyn Law School will begin offering a 2-year JD program. This makes too much sense. [Brooklyn Law School]

    * Former Dora the Explorer star rebuffed in effort to unwind settlement, in part over claims that she overpaid for her lawyer. He charged $755/hour plus a 37.5% “success fee.” This is the sort of thing that happens if a monkey is your most trusted confidant. [Hollywood Reporter]

    * Oreck files for bankruptcy. Not Orrick, Oreck. They make vacuum cleaners that suck. Figuratively. [USA Today]

    * Urinating on police stations? Detroit sounds like such a charming place. [Legal Juice]

    * If you don’t mind spoilers, here are the answers to all your Iron Man 3 legal queries. Not answered: why was the post-credits scene so lame? [Law and the Multiverse]

    * While created for short-sighted criminal defendants, this applies equally to the hubris of civil defendants who are just SURE they’re going to win. [What the Public Defender?]

    * Caroline Kennedy just paid up her lapsed bar admission. Just in time for a Senate confirmation hearing… you know if she were to get nominated for something. [WiseLawNY]

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    Everyone’s A Loser in Pitcock v. Kasowitz Benson

    The big decisional news out of New York today is the guilty verdict in the Brooke Astor trial. Anthony Marshall, the son of the late socialite and philanthropist, was convicted in a scheme to defraud Mrs. Astor. But we also have news of another notable ruling. Longtime readers of Above the Law will recall the […]

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