Mark Rust

Does Wildman Harrold force its partners to take a blood oath? The story ripping around the blogosphere today involves Wildman Harrold enforcing a 90-day notice period on a group of partners who want to leave the firm for Barnes & Thornburg.

What is the upside in forcing colleagues to stay who don’t want to be there anymore? That’s unclear.

But the downside should be obvious. Letting it get to this point is like putting up a big red sign to potential future partners at Wildman that reads: “If you ever leave us we’ll do everything we can to screw you.” Wildman might not be at the boiling rabbits stage, but it’s pretty easy to get a reputation as that crazy chick nobody wants to date.

Of course, to hear Wildman tell it, nothing unusual is going on here, the firm is just following its procedures…

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