Martin Gammon

Whatever happened to the Manhattan district attorney’s investigation into the failure of Dewey & LeBoeuf? It seems like we haven’t heard about it for weeks. Today we finally have some news to pass along.

As we mentioned in Morning Docket, this morning the Wall Street Journal ran a piece about the current state of the investigation. There are a few additional details, but on the whole, we don’t know very much at this point.

We know more about how you can get your hands on part of Dewey’s art collection. Keep on reading for details on that subject….

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(Plus your chance to own a piece of Dewey.)

Heller Ehrman small logo.jpgAs we previously reported, a sizable portion of the art collection of defunct law firm Heller Ehrman was sold at auction yesterday. The auction took place at Bonhams in San Francisco, before a standing-room-only crowd.

We submitted absentee bids on the following:

  • lot 1, Pale Orange Begonia (we bid $500; it sold for $1,159);
  • lot 2, Glass of Water (we bid $500; it sold for $671);
  • lot 99, Lover of Time (we bid $800; it sold for $1,830);
  • lot 210, Bonsai and Bicycle (we bid $1,000; it sold for $4,575); and
  • lot 290, Return of the Rice Cooker (we bid $2,000; it sold for $5,185).

All of the items we bid on went for well above their high estimates — bad news for us, but good news for Heller creditors. How much dinero did the auction generate in total?

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