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‘We’re not Case Western Law.’

* Justice Antonin Scalia isn’t quite ready to publicly weigh in on whether computer data is considered a protected “effect” under the Fourth Amendment. “[T]hat may well come up [before the Supreme Court],” he says. Thanks NSA. [Business Insider]

* “[I]t doesn’t take many bad apples in a barrel to cause a stink.” No matter how hard Biglaw firms try to keep their confidential information locked down, someone’s going trade on it. It looks like STB is learning that the hard way. [Wall Street Journal (sub. req.)]

* The day after Michigan’s ban on same-sex marriage was struck down by Judge Bernard Friedman, couples who rushed to marry were met with some serious Sixth Circuit sadness. Way to stay and spoil all of the celebrations, judges. [New York Times]

* “We’re not the Cleveland Browns,” says one of Case Western Law’s interim co-deans. With that kind of a glowing endorsement, we don’t see how this law school could possibly fail. [Crain's Cleveland Business]

* Rutgers Law-Newark has a new low-bono fellowship program “believed to be the first of its kind in the nation.” Some other law schools might have a bone to pick about that statement. [New Jersey Star-Ledger]

Dean Lawrence Mitchell

In November 2012, Case Western Reserve School of Law Dean Lawrence Mitchell started his op-ed in the New York Times with the following words: “I’m a law dean, and I’m proud.”

Well, he’s not anymore. Mitchell has been accused of sexual harassment and retaliatory behavior. Mitchell had been on a leave of absence since November, but now, after months of allegations and intrigue, Dean Mitchell is officially stepping down.

Read below the message given to Case Western Law students….

(Please note the UPDATE after the jump, a link to the university’s press release.)

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* Case Western Law names “co-deans” to fill in for Dean Mitchell while he’s on leave, but the students would rather follow purple drank. [Case Western Reserve College of Law; Wikipedia]

* Hell hath no fury like an Ivy League journal editor scorned. In fact, the best an angry hell can do is make you feel like you are living in Ithaca. [Gawker]

* Law schools don’t mind teaching minorities, but they don’t much like hiring them. [WSJ Law Blog]

* At this point, can’t we just wait until Ace Ventura files his report on Richie Incognito/Jonathan Martin? [Legal Blitz]

* Rank your favorite Supreme Court justice! I based my rankings on who is least likely to enslave me, regardless of era. Strangely, Scalia finished first… he only takes slaves who agree with him. [Volokh Conspiracy]

* Rob Ford plans to take legal action against staffers he alleges lied about him. That’s kind of like Pookie calling Neno Brown a snitch. [CTV News]