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    Career Center: Tips to Improve Your Network

    Networking isn’t just for job seekers. And it isn’t even just for the rainmakers who bring in business. It’s what every attorney (and attorney-to-be) should be doing right now — whether you’re a first-year associate at a Biglaw firm or a senior attorney at a small regional firm. Too often, attorneys wait until they need […]

    / Mar 8, 2012 at 3:42 PM
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    The Practice: Political Networking

    There, of course, is a natural path from lawyer to legislator. But the low pay, travel, time commitment, and mud slinging that we see on TV and the internet turn many lawyers away from public service.The current political landscape also causes lawyers to be uninterested in participating in politics at any level, whether it means lobbying, running campaigns, fundraising, or attending political functions. It’s a mistake…

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    Dean of Students Gets Networking Advice All Wrong

    A couple of days ago, Elie offered some networking advice to the functional alcoholics in the audience. Sure, his thoughts were a little bit outside the box, but they were better than the kind of standard networking tripe most law students get from their overmatched career services administrators. Case in point, take a look as some networking advice sent around by the Dean of Students at a New York-area law school just last week. The advice was perfect if the dean was trying to ensure that the students made no impression, and left all employers wondering why they bothered to show up for a silly networking event in the first place….

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