New Gingrich

* Anthony Weiner is a proud papa. Let me click on this picture he sent the media of his new… oh COME ON Congressman, grow up! [New York Post]

* I like George Will a lot better when he’s talking about what Newt Gingrinch wants to do for the courts as opposed to what George Will wants the courts to do for black people. [Washington Post]

* It is funny how Newt Gingrich thinks Sharia Law is a mortal threat to the American Republic. I guess it takes one mortal threat to the free thinking people of the United States to know one. [New York Times]

* Either the economy is getting better, or more people are giving up hope and turning to the streets/helping Adam Sandler make movies in order to make a living. Sadly, I think it’s clearly the latter. [Market Watch]

* I don’t know when, precisely, law school warped my mind to the point where I too could come up with humorous hypotheticals about suing Santa, but I hate them for doing that to me. I really do. [Concurring Opinions]

* Looking at this list of possible conservative Supreme Court justices should really turn liberals and moderates into single issue voters next November. If you want anything other than the Antonin Scalia guide to law, your womb, and anything you wish to keep private, you either have to vote for Obama, or have to pledge to help Weekend at Bernie’s Ruth Bader Ginsburg for another four years. [Huffington Post]