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  • Tim Gunn Make It Work

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    Morning Docket: 09.10.13

    * Even at the top of the in-house food chain, women lawyers are still paid less than their male counterparts. But hey, at least they’re not being forced to cry poverty like their in-house staff attorney brethren. [Corporate Counsel]

    * Neil Barofsky, the former King of TARP in the United States, is making the move to Jenner & Block, specifically because as opposed to all other firms, “Jenner took the side of really getting to the truth of the matter.” [Reuters]

    * Luxury fashion is fun: four Biglaw firms, including Cleary Gottlieb, Cravath, Torys, and Proskauer Rose, all took Tim Gunn’s mantra to heart to make it work for the $6 billion sale of Neiman Marcus. [Am Law Daily (sub. req.)]

    * If you want to try some lawyer, we hear that they taste great when poached this time of year. Speaking of which, Troutman Sanders just reeled in three attorneys from Hunton & Williams. [Richmond BizSense]

    * Law schools in the Dakotas are renovating their buildings in the hope of enrolling more students. Luckily, South Dakota has that sweet indentured servitude plan. [Prairie Business; National Law Journal (sub. req.)]

    * If you’re thinking of applying to law school, here’s a plan of attack for the month of September. That’s right, friends, you can start gunning right now! [Law Admissions Lowdown / U.S. News & World Report]

    * Are you ready for some tax law?! The NFL and other professional sports leagues might lose their nonprofit status if new tax reform legislation makes it through the House and the Senate. [Businessweek]

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  • Prostitution2

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    Morning Docket: 06.20.13

    * Today is most likely going to be a banner decision day for the Supreme Court, so in wild anticipation, SCOTUS expert Nina Totenberg was on call to answer some need-to-know questions for the people about the innermost workings of the Court. [NPR]

    * One of the opinions we hope will drop at the Supreme Court today is that of the Fisher v. Texas affirmative action case. If you want some hints on how the three justices who attended Princeton (not counting Kagan) might rule, check this out. [Daily Princetonian]

    * Justice Samuel Alito is out in Texas where he threw the first pitch — “a bit wide of the plate” — in last night’s Rangers game. Will SCOTUS unleash anything important in his absence? [Washington Post]

    * Meanwhile, while we eagerly await decisions in the gay marriage cases next week, consider for a moment the possibility that this is all just but a gigantic train wreck waiting to happen. [New Republic]

    * Things are heating up in North Dakota where the battle over abortion regulations continues to rage on. What a shame, especially since we supposedly took care of this stuff in the early 70s. [ABC News]

    * “If this is what these women signed up for, who is anybody to tell them differently?” Two pimps were acquitted of sex trafficking after prostitutes testified on their behalf. [Thomson Reuters News & Insight]

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  • Abortion debate

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    Has Everybody Noticed That States Are Now Openly Ignoring Roe v. Wade?

    Science will make tomorrow’s abortion debate very different than yesterday’s…

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  • They're heeere.

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    Quote of the Day: Or Maybe I Just Prefer Not to Be Spied On

    Unmanned drones are not only flying over the U.S., now they are leading to arrests.

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  • shit law job

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    Unfortunate Headline of the Day: Who Gives a Krapp?

    Our Unfortunate Headline of the Day title goes to the Jamestown Sun in North Dakota….

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  • New Yorkers: you can have this house for the cost of a one-bedroom in Queens.

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    Lawyerly Lairs: A Visit to Flyover Country

    Lawyerly Lairs isn’t always about million-dollar listings. Are you curious about what $250K can get you in… North Dakota?

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  • Gainful employment nine months after graduation, FTW.

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    Career Alternatives for Attorneys: Truck Driver

    Fred is a 2011 law school graduate. He has a job that he actually enjoys. He works for two weeks, followed by two weeks of vacation. He makes somewhere between $60,000 and $100,000 a year, with the exact amount depending on how much he wants to work. And if things go according to plan, in a few years he could be earning $250,000 a year (or more). Right now some of you are dying to know: What does Fred do, and how can I get this job?

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