Not all ATL readers are d-bags and angry hobbits

We set up three lawyerly blind dates last week. One got off to a rough start. One shut a restaurant down. And the third… well, our magic 8-ball of love says “reply hazy.”

I set these two up because they’re both over 30, like tonic as a mixer, and listed Ruth Bader Ginsburg as their favorite Supreme Court Justice. Of course, there’s a subtext to that last choice, as both our Courtship Connectors pointed out in their write-ups of the date.

He says he would be a “songwriter/novelist” if he weren’t an attorney, and she says, “if I knew the answer to that, I’d be doing it.” Per his suggestion, I sent them on Thursday night to Lillie’s, on 17th Street near Union Square. He tells me:

First, thanks so much for setting me up…it’s clear that part of your setting me up with [REDACTED] must have been matching two of the most jewish sounding names in the world. ;-)

Well, im happy to tell you that this ATL match went much better than Lat’s attempt.

We met up at the bar and she recognized me first, she’s really sweet (and cute) and we had a lot in common and similar backgrounds. We chatted for over 2 hours and agreed to go out again. i’ll keep you posted. Many thanks!!

Alright. What did she think? Well, for one, she was happy that a male reader of Above the Law didn’t turn out to be an “angry hobbit, d-bag, or socially awkward male legal type…”

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