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    Non-Sequiturs: 07.20.15

    * What do Moe Greene (RIP Alex Rocco) and the Foreign Corruption Practices Act have in common? Beside, of course, trying to stand up to the Godfather… [FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog]

    * Bet this was a sentence you didn’t think you’d read after Scalia’s whiny dissent in Obergefell: Scalia may have helped the LGBT cause. [Slate]

    * Are you halfway through your summer associateship and have no idea how you’re doing? Well, your firm isn’t likely to illuminate much, so here’s a self-assessment to peruse. [Ms. JD]

    * “Are attorneys using AOL (as their email address) SOL?” Maybe not in their legal practice, but in another, more profound way, yes. Yes they are. [J.Key J.D.]

    * Do attorneys actually need help saying “me first?” Well, if you’re the outlier, here’s some help. [Attorney At Work]

    * In sentencing disgraced former Representative Michael Grimm, U.S. District Judge Pamela K. Chen ignored 35 letters in support of leniency for Grimm and quoted extensively from an activist’s letter blasting the former Congressman for “his lack of morals and unscrupulous actions.” [Staten Island Advance]

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  • What Husch Blackwell first-years look like right now.

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    Morning Docket: 08.03.12

    * The Apple Samsung carnival returns to court today. I can’t wait to see what happens. We will probably have more on this later. [Bloomberg Businessweek]

    * After being found guilty of judicial misconduct for misappropriating public funds, Michigan state Judge Sylvia James will be removed from the bench for the remainder of her term. [Detroit Free Press]

    * London-based Herbert Smith poached six partners from Chadbourne, including the head of the firm’s litigation group, Thomas Riley, and Gregory Loss, who helmed the products liability group. [Thomson Reuters News & Insight]

    * San Bernardino is the newest California city to declare bankruptcy. The city apparently has over $1 billion in debt. I wonder if they had to cut their prosecutors’ salaries also. [Wall Street Journal]

    * First-year associates at Husch Blackwell will see a nice salary bump this year. Oh boy! [Blog of the Legal Times]

    * President Obama nominated prosecutor Pamela Chen to be a new judge for the Federal District Court in New York. If confirmed, she would become the second female Chinese-American federal judge in U.S. history, and also would be one of the first openly lesbian federal judges. [Metro Weekly]

    * Republicans filibustered the Obama administration’s high-priority cybersecurity bill. [New York Times]

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