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    Non-Sequiturs: 03.24.11

    * Still more benchslappery, this time from the Second Circuit. Professor Nita Farahany wonders whether Judge Gary Sharpe “may have missed a few important days of his genetics class in high school or in college.” [Law and Biosciences Digest] * In other federal judicial news: I’ve never bought into the silly claim that Clarence Thomas […]

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    Leader in the Clubhouse for Worst Job of the Year

    This has not been a great weekend for the University of Pittsburgh community. As many of you know, the school’s college basketball team choked disappointed fans with an early round exit from the NCAA tournament. You should always avoid comparing a school’s basketball team with its law school, but it appears that things aren’t going […]

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    Quote of the Day: As Nasty As She Wanna Be?

    In other words, my homegirl Kagan was saying people could not be aroused by the lyrics “’cause my dick’s on bone” or “me so horny, me f*** you long time.” — Luther Campbell (aka Uncle Luke of 2 Live Crew) endorsing Elena Kagan in the Miami New Times based on her work on the band’s […]

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    A ‘Genius’ Use of Deferral Time

    A little over a year ago, law firms came up with a unique plan to deal with the problem of too many associates and not enough work to go around: the deferral. It did not apply just to incoming associates; it was also offered up to those already at the firm who were open to […]

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    To The Window; To The Wall;
    Till The Sweat Drips Down My Boalt?

    Having just discussed Janet Jackson (or her breasts), we’re going to remain on the subject of music. This installment in our continuing series of open threads on career alternatives for attorneys — i.e., “things you can do with a law degree other than Biglaw (or contract attorney work)” — is inspired by lawyer turned rapper […]

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