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Last week, we asked for possible captions for this sad, strange photo:

You must really want an Above the Law t-shirt, because you made it hard for us to pick the finalists. Elie and I were able to narrow it down to the Final 10. Vote for your favorite finalists after the jump.

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And now our Fictional Lawyers Tournament gets serious. We are into the regional finals. The Elite Eight. People have handicapped the tournament. I’ve bet on the tournament (at least I would have if gambling were legal). And now we are here. Powerhouse v. Powerhouse.

As usual today we’ll vote on the left side, Thursday we’ll vote on the right. But because of the upcoming holiday weekend, you’ll want to make sure to vote early…

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Welcome to the new and improved Above the Law Caption Contest. This time, we won’t just be voting on the most creative captions, we’ll be giving out prizes to the top finishers.

And prizes are exactly what the father of one recent law school graduate needs…

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At this stage in our Fictional Lawyer Madness bracket, the very, very young ATL summer intern has a perfect bracket so far, and mine is tanking. I picked based on who I thought you crazy readers would vote for. The fetus picked based on the lawyers he had actually heard of.

The lesson, as always, is that Millennials are really the worst generation ever and I can only hope to be dead before they take control of the government.

In case you missed it, here is part one of the sweet sixteen.

In any event, on to part two of the sweet sixteen.

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It appears that we closed the poll but forgot to announce the Lawyer of the Month for May 2011. That’s our bad. We’ve been so busy trying to keep up with all the bats**t crazy lawyers sprouting up in June that May 2011 feels like it took place in 2008.

But we don’t want to totally forget about the May Lawyer of the Month, because it gives us one more chance to honor a recent law graduate who might be doing everybody a world of good….

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We’re into the next round of the Fictional Lawyers Tournament. Most people here in the Breaking Media offices have filled out a bracket, and so far I’m getting crushed. I picked based on who I thought you guys would pick (not who I voted for myself), and I’ve been very wrong so far. It turns out the readers and I have more in common than I thought (which should probably scare the bejesus out of many of you readers).

But I’ve still got all of my final four lawyers alive. As we get started on the sweet sixteen, we should start to see which characters really have the juice to finish this thing.

Check out the full bracket below and then click through to vote on the match-ups from the left-hand side of the bracket. On Thursday, we’ll vote on the right side (CLICK HERE for part two of this round)….

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Yesterday we kicked off the Fictional Lawyer Madness by starting the voting on the left side of the bracket.

Today, we’re opening up the right side. On this side of the bracket we have more movie characters, and more female characters.

And there has been one big change from yesterday’s bracket. I forgot to add a fictional lawyer everybody loves.

Voting closes on Sunday, June 19 at 11:59 p.m. So don’t waste any time…

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About a month ago, I asked for nominees for an epic bracket that would ask: Who is your favorite fictional lawyer. The suggestions flowed in. In the comments, over email, via Twitter, and even from people I met in bars. And the tips came from all kinds of people. Lawyers and law students, their parents, legal journalists and bloggers, and even television critics.

Everybody has a fictional legal character that they cherish and wanted to see represented. I had hoped that a 32 lawyer bracket would capture most of the worthy contenders, but it turns out we could have made a 128 lawyer bracket and still had notable snubs.

So we’ve had to make some tough cuts to bring it down to 32 lawyers. And we’ve had to create some arbitrary cut-offs, like limiting ourselves to lawyers who got their fictional start in the last 30 years — to keep things manageable and keep this from becoming an Atticus Finch coronation exercise. But with big apologies to Perry Mason, Tom Hagen, and the older readers who adore them, I think we’ve come up with 32 lawyers fictional lawyers worth arguing over…

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Yes, I get that June 14th is a little bit late to be doing the May Lawyer of the Month poll. Yes, I also understand that the person who will almost undoubtedly be June’s Playmate Lawyer of the Month, Reema Bajaj, is ineligible for May — and that fact might leave some of our readers with blue balls.

But you know what? There were some really interesting candidates for May. And they deserve their moment of fame/infamy on these pages. Not every lawyer has to allegedly sell vaginal access in order to be special.

For instance, some people can become famous simply with an attempt at sexual trespass….

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I’m going to tell you the tale of two law firms.

Firm A: You win a major, high-profile case. The victory is covered by the legal press and mainstream media. The award to your client is huge, and the victory comes at the expense of a rival firm. Your only problem? Your client won’t pay you your millions in legal fees.

Firm B: You lose a major, high-profile case. Your well-known client gets rocked with a huge verdict, a rival firm is taking a victory lap all around town, and all you can do is tweet about the appeals process. But you are getting paid, and you expect to earn even more in fees as you plan your next move.

All else being equal, which firm would you rather work for?

If you chose Firm A, welcome to Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe. And good luck to you…

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