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    Non-Sequiturs: 09.22.15

    * The town of Collidge, Arizona, does not understand the establishment clause of the First Amendment… come to think of it, they aren’t real clear on the exercise clause either, but that sure doesn’t stop them from invoking it! [Wonkette]

    * Could Volkswagen’s revelation (that they rigged their cars to beat emissions tests but then, in real life, pumped out emissions like a bloated redneck with IBS that’s just been given a lifetime supply of baked beans) mean jail time for executives? [Mother Jones]

    * Are you a veteran thinking about law school? First of all, why? But if you’re still interested, check out this upcoming Service to School even in D.C. to get the inside scoop. [Service to School]

    * Reagan may have been an actor by trade, but he sure spoke like a lawyer. [Guile is Good]

    * Don’t know where to house refugees? How about the former Dachau concentration camps? The eminently practical, yet horrifying German solution. [The Guardian]

    * The papal visit starts today, and though expectations are high, there might be a nasty tax implication if the pontiff starts talking up Bernie Sanders too much. [TaxProf Blog]

    * When Americans talk about religious freedom, they do not mean Muslim Americans. No duh. [The Atlantic]

    * Book excerpt about the intersection of the girl who cried rape and lynching. [Jezebel]

    * Still care about the Kim Davis debacle? Well, she might be heading back to jail. [Slate]

    * If a Ponzi scheme is operated with Bitcoins, is it still a Ponzi scheme? [Dealbreaker]

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  • Trump-for-Prez

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    GOP Debate Drinking Game — Second Round: This One Goes To 11

    Let’s get drunk again and talk politics and Spinal Tap.

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    Non-Sequiturs: 06.26.15

    * Oh, the Onion… what would I do without you? Their take on gay marriage is masterful, as always. [Onion]

    * Conservatives, troubled with the Supreme Court’s decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, vow to move to Canada. There’s only one teeny, tiny problem with their plan… about a decade in the making. [BuzzFeed]

    * Of all the arrogant, jiggery-pokery, pure applesauce, Putsch! Find out exactly how Justice Scalia would mock you in this fun insult generator. [Slate]

    * Some Alabama counties have come up with a crackerjack way to avoid marrying same sex couples. [Vox]

    * The only way to get to today’s historical gay marriage case was to defeat the nomination of Judge Robert Bork, and Reagan aides always suspected this would happen. [Roll Call]

    * For marriage equality fans with a sweet tooth. [Ben & Jerry’s]

    * Surely you jest! Justice Scalia? Intellectually inconsistent to fit a political agenda? Pshaw. [BloombergView]

    * A handy guide to today’s landmark SCOTUS decision. [Legal IO]

    * News you can use: what is the legal status of cursing at cops? [The Marshall Project]

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  • handgun with bullets

    Constitutional Law, Crime, George J. Terwilliger III, Guns / Firearms, Murder

    James Brady Death Ruled Homicide 33 Years Later — Are You Impressed Now Jodie Foster?

    Can a death three decades after a shooting open the door to a murder prosecution?

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    Bitcoin Invented By Former Law Professor, Reagan Fanboy

    Was that class you took at George Washington Law taught by the inventor of bitcoin?

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    Morning Docket: 06.14.12

    * Kleiner Perkins responded to Ellen Pao’s gender discrimination suit, and it’s not pretty. Not only does the firm’s answer deny her allegations, but it also calls into question her work product. [San Jose Mercury News]

    * Joe Amendola’s preferred strategy at the Jerry Sandusky trial seems to be the use of the “tried and tested technique” of ignoring all of the alleged accusers’ tears and making them cry all over again. [New York Times]

    * Who in their right mind would attempt to fake being a lawyer these days? Michelle Fyfe, a 43-year-old woman from Texas, is accused of forging a law degree from SMU Dedman School of Law. [Dallas Morning News (sub. req.)]

    * Say hello to Baltimore Law’s new dean, Ronald Weich, the former assistant attorney general who penned the notorious false gun letter to Congress. Surely this ex-DOJ official will stand up to Bogomolny. [The Hill]

    * This must be like getting it caught in your zipper — but much, much worse. A Brooklyn man claims that members of the NYPD “strangled his penis,” so he’s suing. [Huffington Post via Courthouse News Service]

    * Reuben G. Clark Jr., a founding partner of Wilmer Cutler & Pickering (Wilmer­Hale), RIP. [Washington Post]

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    Non-Sequiturs: 05.24.12

    * And then Reagan said, “Take this, all of you, and drink from it: for this is the chalice of my blood, the blood of the new and eternal covenant, which will be auctioned off for you, by PFC Auctions, right after I sign this legislation outlawing Russia forever.” [WSJ Law Blog]

    * It’s time for another “If Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dies, I’m Gonna Kill Her” article. Man, you never know. Ginsburg could end up out living Antonin Scalia with the right mix of ham sandwiches and cybernetic technology. [Daily Beast]

    * Will being hot help this cop who was arrested for driving while drunk when she was on duty? Honestly, I’ve forgotten what she’s accused of already. [Explorer News]

    * A new definition of piracy could cause any man who loves the freedom of the sea, the rolling of the surf, and the bounty of unprotected U.S. cargo ships to be branded a pirate. [CBS News]

    * Every Harvard student tries to identify the Ted Kaczynski of their class. [Huffington Post]

    * How to protect your iProducts at the beach this weekend. We wouldn’t want you to be without Above the Law. [Legal Blog Watch]

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  • Alan Dershowitz, Associate Advice, Rudeness, Small Law Firms

    Small Firms, Big Lawyers: Five Tips for Dealing With Obnoxious Opponents

    I have a temper. That might surprise people who know me casually, like my professional acquaintances. I work hard to keep it in check. Over the past 17 years as an employment litigator (representing companies), I’ve gotten better at controlling my anger. But it hasn’t always been easy. Because lawyers can be pretty adept at […]

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