Sleep Disorder

  • Justice RBG rocking her doily.

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    Non-Sequiturs: 11.26.12

    * As soon as Mary Schapiro announced she was stepping down as chairwoman of the SEC, Obama nominated another woman to take her place. Congrats to SEC Commissioner Elisse Walter! [WSJ Law Blog]

    * In other breaking news that no one will care about now that bonus season is upon us, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg swapped out her neck doily for a blingy necklace from Glamour. [Josh Blackman’s Blog]

    * You know what the ancient Romans would’ve hated more than watching the fall of the Roman empire? The Citizens United decision. Cato, Cicero, and Julius Caesar wouldn’t have been impressed with this. [Slate]

    * Why go to law school if you’re already doing well financially? Perhaps you’re just another prestige hunter. If you are, then all the better for you, because that seems to be what all of the law schools are selling these days. [Inside the Law School Scam]

    * Don’t cry for Argentina: they may be in the middle of a billion-dollar bond dispute, but the uber-prestigious lawyers on either side of the case (Boies; Olson) are enough to make you forget about their troubles. [Reuters]

    * A Biglaw attorney from Alston & Bird with a rare sleep disorder confronts Big Pharma and… doesn’t win. At least not yet. But on the bright side, she’s not sleeping for 18 hours anymore. [The Last Word on Nothing]

    * We’re honored to announce that Above the Law was named as one of the ten law blogs in the ABA Journal’s inaugural Blawg 100 Hall of Fame. Please click here if you’d like to help us win again this year. [ABA Journal]

    * After the jump, Bloomberg Law’s Lee Pacchia speaks with a Bill Lawlor, a Dechert partner, who claims that “hope springs eternal for M&A attorneys.” Will the mergers and acquisitions market begin to boom once again?

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  • Sleep Lawyer

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    You Guys Aren’t Getting A Lot Of Sleep, Are You?

    It doesn’t come as a galloping shock to anybody that lawyers average less sleep than almost anybody else. What is surprising is the figure. What the hell kind of lazy lawyer is getting seven entire hours of sleep every day?

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    Are You Allowed to Have a Biglaw Job If You Need to Sleep All the Time?

    Sadly, we now live in a world where it’s harder and harder to separate out the really disabled people from those who just can’t get their stuff together. To cope, Elie has developed his own little test: if he wouldn’t want the disability, it’s a real disability. If he’d gladly take the “disability” in exchange for a cash payout, it’s probably fake. So let him ask you this: would you take a cash payout from your Biglaw firm if he afflicted you with the dreaded “I’m really sleepy” disability? Yeah, this woman would too….

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