The Hammer

For years, personal injury law advertising and violent imagery have gone hand in hand. Only in this field would we get a video of an unhinged attorney smashing a pickup truck into a parked car and call it an advertisement. The more they can yell or blow things up, it seems, the better.

Keeping with the tradition of aggression, we have not one, not two, but three different personal injury lawyers who have branded themselves “The Hammer.” But in the dog-eat-dog world of personal injury law, there can only be room for one Hammer. So who should win the rights to the title?

Should it be Lowell “The Hammer” Stanley from Virginia, who compares personal injury law to making sausage? Or Jim “The Hammer” Shapiro, the personal injury attorney possibly from New York (or Canada or Florida), who claims he loves to play rough? Or our entry from down South, Jim “The Texas Hammer” Adler, who is supposedly meaner than a junkyard dog?

Which Hammer should reign supreme? Let’s review the evidence….

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Think back to the long gone days of 2006. In the pleasing sepia-tones of your memories, you can see a booming job market, Johnny Depp and Keira Knightley, and a time when Barack Obama was a random black dude who made a good speech that one time.

This is the world of Tom “The Hammer” DeLay. A world where a “tea party” was a game for little girls. A world where corporations were not allowed to openly buy Congressional elections.

That was a long time ago: before allegations of campaign finance shenanigans brought DeLay down and turned him into an extra on Dancing with the Stars.

The days of DeLay’s political relevance might be over, but the slow pace of the justice system is now putting DeLay back in the spotlight. His long awaited trial starts today…

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