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There’s been a lot of buzz coming out of Notre Dame Law. No, the students are not being being pressed into service to defend the university from Declan Sullivan lawsuits. Instead, ND Law dean Nell Newton held a town hall meeting with the students to discuss the future of the university.

After the public meeting, Dean Newton met with some students, and they got into a discussion about the future of tuition at the law school. Depending on whom you talk to (and we’ve now talked to a bunch of people), Dean Newton suggested during this private meeting that there would be either (1) a significant, “dear God, what are you doing” tuition increase at the private law school, or (2) a modest tuition hike. We’ll let you decide whom to believe.

But one thing is for sure: tuition is going up. Notre Dame will not be holding the line with tuition, so current and prospective law students should be prepared to pay more, despite the weakness in the legal economy…

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When you think of Notre Dame Law School (ranked #22 in the latest U.S. News rankings), you generally don’t think of lies and deceit. But there have been some troubling campus security issues at the school. We previously reported on a creepy, fake 1L that was posing as a Notre Dame law student.

And we’ve heard rumors of the mysterious Notre Dame kleptomaniac. Some kid who has been stealing books around campus. Apparently this person has made the trip to London along with a number of Notre Dame students studying abroad.

The change of time zone hasn’t changed this person’s desire to steal. A tipster reports on “Petty Theft Law School: London”…

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US News logo.JPGWe are continuing our march through the latest U.S. News law school rankings. So far we’ve learned that students who go to law school in warm weather climates believe their quality of life is much better than what is experienced by students who attend law schools in the Northeast and Chicago. We’ve also learned that the anti-GULC contingent of our readers are vocal and relentless.

The next batch of schools includes some rising stars and one major fade. To refresh your memory:

17. Vanderbilt
18. USC (Gould)
19. Washington (St. Louis)
20. Boston University
20. Emory
20. Minnesota
23. Indiana
23. Illinois
23. Notre Dame
26. Boston College
26. Iowa
28. William & Mary
28. George Washington

Boston University continues its rankings pwnage of Boston College. When are the educationally inclined Jesuits going to bring out the big guns (rulers?) and apply it to the law school? Meanwhile, is Notre Dame really no longer the best law school in Indiana?

After the jump, it’s George Washington University Law School time.

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notre dame law school logo.JPGAh, Notre Dame. Touchdown Jesus. Gorgeous campus. And … racist Halloween costumes?

Those are the reports we are getting as ND law students try to make sense of the school’s Halloween party. According to a tipster:

[T]he Phi Alpha Delta vice president, a 2L with political aspirations, showed up to this weekend’s Halloween party in black face. That was totally appropriate, right? You know, black face: nasty racist stereotypes, lynching, yes massa, cookies and rainbows, and buckets of interracial love? That kind of appropriate.

Black face. What a statement! Ha ha ha. Ha ha. Ha. … (this racism is killing me inside).

Luckily, an African-American law professor set things right:

Black trash-bag, sign emblazoned with the extremely tolerant logo: “Take me out with the rest of the trash!”, general aura of douchiness. He was apparently “dressed as Barack Obama.”

Nice to have positive role models.

African-Americans Notre Dame law students are calling for the professor to resign. The “black faced” 2L has … not been heard from since.

I can’t wait to see what these crazy kids have planned for Thanksgiving.

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