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    What’s Going On With Mayer Brown’s Title VII Suit?

    Back in 2009, we wrote about a Title VII suit that a former associate filed against Mayer Brown. To make a long story short (read our prior posts for the full background), Venus Yvette Springs, an African American woman, alleges that the firm discriminated against her because of her race, and eventually fired her in […]

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    Benchslap of the Day: A Case of Having Too Much Flair

    Remember Venus Springs? She’s the former Mayer Brown associate who alleged discrimination and filed a Title VII complaint against the firm after being fired in September 2008. Well, she’s back, and she’s brought a whole new lawsuit to the table. So, who is Springs suing this time, and what are her allegations? We’ll give you that information, plus the details of the benchslap associated with her latest case, after the jump….

    32 Comments / / Nov 28, 2011 at 2:09 PM
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    Plaintiff in Mayer Brown Title VII Case Departed With Flair

    Last week, we brought you the story of a former Mayer Brown associate who is suing the firm. We have some more back story on the plaintiff, Venus Yvette Springs, and she certainly sounds like a colorful person. Before joining Mayer Brown, Springs worked at Cadwalader. According to our tipsters, she left CWT in an […]

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    Title VII Suit Against Mayer Brown

    A former Mayer Brown associate, Venus Yvette Springs, has filed a complaint against the firm. She alleges Mayer Brown discriminated against her and eventually fired her in 2008. Springs was an associate in the real estate group of Mayer Brown, Charlotte. In her complaint, she claims that the head of the group, Frank Arado, said […]

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