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    Morning Docket

    Morning Docket: 04.13.15

    * It’s gettin’ hot in herre, so take off all your clothes. Nelly’s gettin’ so hot, he wanna take his clothes off — for his jailhouse strip search? The rapper was arrested in Tennessee this weekend for felony and simple possession of a potpourri of drugs on his tour bus. [CNN]

    * “It usually takes much longer for a position to become so disreputable that no respectable lawyer will touch it.” If you haven’t noticed, Biglaw firms don’t want to touch the SCOTUS gay marriage arguments with a 10-foot pole. [New York Times]

    * “I think we’re going to see a 10,000-lawyer law firm within five years.” In case it’s not entirely obvious by now, Dentons is trying to become the largest firm in the universe, with “no logical end” in sight to its lawyer hoarding ways. [Wall Street Journal (sub. req.)]

    * “[T]his one has me bumfuzzled.” Like other legal experts, this law prof isn’t sure how to tackle Wisconsin Supreme Court Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson’s lawsuit to preserve her power, but he does win the award for best usage of “bumfuzzled.” [Lacrosse Tribune]

    * Yikes! Pennsylvania State Attorney General Kathleen Kane recently found herself embroiled in scandal after two of her offices were searched and she was ordered to explain to a three-judge panel her reasoning for firing one of her prosecutors. [Morning Call]

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    Morning Docket

    Morning Docket: 04.10.15

    * Moonlighting for Biglaw partners: golf caddy? This Alston & Bird partner spent the week caddying for Gunn Yang at the 2015 Masters Tournament. Oh, to watch a partner be subservient and lug someone else’s junk around all day. [Am Law Daily]

    * Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson of the Wisconsin Supreme Court is suing each of her judicial colleagues over a constitutional amendment that could get her demoted from her seat of power. Maybe this judicial diva is a “total bitch” after all. [New York Times]

    * If you plan to run for president of this country and hope to discuss reform of the criminal justice system while you’re shaking hands and kissing babies on the campaign trail, you better be prepared to answer each and every one of these questions. [Washington Post]

    * “I want to see in an application that … Law School is a default option for you.” At least one elite law school “actively preference[s]” work experience after college. Get a job. It’ll probably be easier now than after you graduate from law school. [Harvard Crimson]

    * Aside from absurd tuition rates and deceptive employment statistics, here’s one more absolutely vital thing that members of the legal profession should consider tossing out during their spring cleaning sessions: the third year of law school. [Washington Post]

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    Judicial Divas, Legal Ethics, Politics, State Judges, State Judges Are Clowns

    Possible Ethics Sanctions for Wisconsin Judge Who Allegedly Choked a Bitch

    It seems that Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser isn’t as charismatic as Wayne Brady, because he’s facing possible ethics sanctions over allegedly choking one justice, and calling another a “total bitch.”

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    Non-Sequiturs: 07.13.11

    * Has anybody considered pouring a Chernobyl-like sarcophagus over the Wisconsin Supreme Court? [WSJ Law Blog] * If Mark Zuckerberg ever tries to sue Kash for stalking him, I’m sure a bunch of ATL readers will offer to defend her. [Not So Private Parts / Forbes] * Intelligent design my ass. An intelligent creator wouldn’t […]

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  • Judicial Divas, Politics, State Judges, State Judges Are Clowns

    Does a Wisconsin Judge Have to Choke a Bitch?

    The justices of the Wisconsin Supreme Court have been in the legal tabloids for quite some time due to their inappropriate antics. But this time, one of the justices decided to take matters into his own hands… literally.

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  • Non-Sequiturs

    Non-Sequiturs: 05.23.11

    * I might have stopped smoking, but I’ll never stop fighting against Mike Bloomberg’s nanny state laws that seek to turn New York City into a place that doesn’t tempt Mike Bloomberg into doing all the things he used to do. [CNN] * Tyler Clementi’s former roommate, Dharun Ravi, pleaded not guilty to a bunch […]

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  • Barry Bonds, Baseball, Boutique Law Firms, Education / Schools, Entertainment Law, Gay, Kids, Lesbians, Morning Docket, Small Law Firms, State Judges, Trials

    Morning Docket: 04.06.11

    * On the same day that Lady Kaga wrote her first dissent, Governor Deval Patrick nominated Barbara Lenk, an openly gay woman, to the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts. Big week for… uhh, female judges. [New York Times] * The prosecution in the Barry Bonds case rested their case yesterday, and the judge is considering […]

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  • Judge of the Day, Judicial Divas, Politics, State Judges, State Judges Are Clowns

    Have We Looked Into Declaring a ‘No-Fly Zone’ Over Wisconsin?

    We’ve spent a lot time covering Wisconsin’s dysfunctional state legislature. But did you know the state’s judicial branch is just as messed up? We’ve discussed this before, but now there’s more to report. You know any semblance of bipartisan civility has broken down when one justice on the Wisconsin Supreme Court calls the chief justice […]

    39 Comments / / Mar 21, 2011 at 6:21 PM
  • Pregnancy / Paternity, State Judges, State Judges Are Clowns

    Update: ‘Baby Mama’ Drama on Wisconsin Bench Reaches Resolution

    Back in February 2009, we named the Honorable Joseph Wall a Judge of the Day. Joe Wall, at the time a Wisconsin trial court judge, used the term “baby mama” at the sentencing of an African-American defendant. He also made additional amusing quips — e.g., suggesting that “baby mamas” congregate at “a club” to find […]

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  • Election Law, Politics, State Judges, State Judges Are Clowns

    Wisconsin Supreme Court Devolves Into Anarchy

    There’s a simple rule in Wisconsin regarding judicial elections. You can’t make a campaign ad that knowingly misrepresents your opponent. While you’d imagine that reasonable people might disagree about what constitutes misrepresentation, one expects that judges wouldn’t really get anywhere close to the line. But not so in the election between Justice Michael Gableman and […]

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