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* Wait, is this real? People actually sued al-Qaeda and expect to be paid billions of dollars in damages? Seriously? Having a major “what is this I don’t even” moment over here. [Bloomberg]

* Judith Kaye is the new centerfold for the New York State Court of Appeals. She’s the first woman in history whose portrait will hang in the state’s highest courtroom. [New York Law Journal]

* Thompson Hine partner Leslie Jacobs was charged with tax fraud last week. As could be expected, the Biglaw firm now wants nothing to do with him. [Am Law Daily]

* Another law firm’s confidential files mysteriously ended up in the garbage, but this time at a Georgia newspaper’s office. Just as an FYI, our office is located in New York. [Gainesville Times]

* GTL doesn’t just stand for “Gym, Tan, Laundry” anymore. Apparently, it also stands for “Get The Lawyer.” The Situation is suing a guido lifestyle company for trademark infringement. [Examiner]

* Lindsay Lohan’s alleged probation violations might send her back to the slammer, but she doesn’t want to be made “an example of” in court. Sweetie, it’s called “a mockery.” [Daily Mail]

Thumbnail image for Ballard Spahr logo.JPGJust last week, Ballard Spahr was sending around inspirational messages to its associates. Today, the firm has decided to cancel its 2010 Summer Program.
Thompson Hine has also decided to cancel its 2010 Summer Program. If nothing else the move should give Rogue Associate an opportunity to comment.
It’s one thing to cancel your entire summer program. But what is surprising about Ballard Spahr and Thompson Hine is that the firms did not make any formal, official announcement about the decision. Instead, students learned the information from their respective law school recruiting offices.
Update (1:04): Now Squire Sanders is also canceling its 2010 Summer Program. More details after the jump.
Here’s the Ballard Spahr “announcement” (via Penn Law School):

Dear Students,
As we near the close of bidding, we wanted to provide you with an update on schedule changes that we received so far today.
Akin Gump went from 40 interview slots in NYC and 40 interview slots in DC to 20 interview slots in NYC and 20 interview slots in DC.
Paul Weiss went from 80 interview slots to 60 interview slots.
Ballard Spahr will not have a 2010 summer program and, as such, has canceled on campus interviews.
All of this information is updated in Symplicity. Please note that we will continue to provide you with updates as is feasible. However, it may not be possible for us to email you with all changes so please be sure to check Symplicity before bidding closes tomorrow, July 21st at 11:59 p.m.

After the jump, we see that Duke students were the first to learn about the Thompson Hine cancellation.

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Thompson_Hine_logo.jpgThe song “Cleveland Rocks” always seemed like a bit of a stretch to me, and yesterday’s events did nothing to dissuade. We’ve received several reports that 400-attorney Midwestern firm Thompson Hine has been conducting layoffs in its Ohio offices, including its Cleveland one:

12 lawyers, 5 paralegals, and 29 secretaries.

Another tipster reports that the layoffs number “at least 50.” Apparently three first year associates were among the carnage.

If this post sounds like run-of the mill layoff story about a small firm in a distant kingdom, you’re absolutely right. Except for the part where Thompson Hine takes away its 2007 salary bump and employs the second most terrifying economic deflection tactic we’ve seen yet:

word is that the firm has cut every associates’ salary by $20,000/year.

The firm has not responded to our request for comment, but if true, Thompson’s use of the Salary Cut marks the second appearance of this dastardly weapon since the economy tanked. Recall that last week, WolfBlock chopped associate salaries by 10%.

While the threat of the Salary Cut is contained at this time, let us pray that this spawn of an unholy alliance between the Reverse Perk and the Salary Freeze does not become epidemic.

Update: The firm has confirmed the pay cut and layoffs, to Am Law Daily:

Earlier this week Cleveland’s Thompson Hine told its associates and other non-partner lawyers that it will impose an across-the-board $17,500 base salary reduction. Those lawyers will, however, be able to earn back some or all of that sum as a bonus if they bill at least 1,750 hours this year….

The firm also announced layoffs this week, eliminating the jobs of 12 associates, five paralegals, and 29 secretaries. Furthermore, it has pushed back the starting date for its incoming first-year class to January 2010.

Thompson Hine M.P.: Associate Pay Cut Expected to Save Jobs [Am Law Daily]

Thompson Hine LLP Abovethelaw Above the Law blog.jpgLast week, Thompson Hine raised starting salaries in some of its Ohio offices, effective January 1, 2008. The new first-year associate salaries: Cincinnati, $115,000; Cleveland, $125,000; and Dayton, $115,000.
Memo after the jump.

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