Ursula Ungaro

* Little known fact of the day: the late comedienne Phyllis Diller apparently had a storybook romance with Paul Hastings name partner, Robert Hastings. She once said that her longtime Biglaw beau was the “love of [her] life.” [Am Law Daily]

* The Federal Trade Commission has closed its antitrust review of Facebook’s proposed Instagram purchase, clearing the way for the social networking site’s users to post grainy pictures to their hearts’ content. [Bloomberg]

* A former Vancouver lawyer serving a 15-year sentence for money laundering claims that one of the Mounties who investigated his case played a game of “hide the Canadian bacon” with Judge Ursula Ungaro. [Province]

* A judge who resigned in April has been retroactively removed from office for admitting to having sexual contact with his five-year-old niece. He presided over family court matters. Figures. [New York Law Journal]

* Which accomplishments and activities should you leave off your résumé? A) law review editor in chief; B) second in the class; C) 4.05 GPA; D) nonprofit executive director; E) child porn aficionado. [Willamette Week]

* Stabbing your lawyer is so last season. Another criminal defendant reportedly attacked his defense attorney in court, but this time chose to whack his own counsel in the head with his handcuffed hand. [Boston Globe]

Ursula Mancusi Ungaro Judge Ursula Ungaro Above the Law blog.jpgFederal judge Ursula Mancusi Ungaro was sighted at a recent “Constitution Day Party” down in Miami. She posed for photos with other guests — including TV judge Alex E. Ferrer, better known to television audiences as Judge Alex.
This photo of Judge Ungaro and Judge Alex, by lawyer-blogger David Oscar Marcus, was our favorite. Behold how the taut white fabric stretches tantalizingly across Her Honor’s ample bosom. Here are some suggested captions:

“They’re real, they’re spectacular — and they have life tenure.”

“Guess they have strong air conditioning down in Miami.”

“Underneath her robes, indeed.”

Wow. We fully expect to see Judge Ursula Ungaro as a nominee the next time we hold a judicial hotties contest.
Update: We have been offering irreverent commentary about the physical appearance of federal judges, male and female, for years now. If the Washington Post can parse the cleavage of Hillary Clinton, then surely a blog — which is not bound by the standards of decency and respectability that apply to the MSM — can parse the cleavage of a federal judge (who is also a public figure).
If you are so deeply offended by the playful, good-natured paying of compliments to a federal judge who also happens to be attractive, then don’t read ATL. This isn’t the first time that we’ve engaged in such commentary, and it won’t be the last. Thank you.
For the record, our admiration for Judge Ungaro is not prurient in the least. Trust us.
Further Update: We are now authorized to share this information with you, which we’ve known for a while. It may change your view of things:

After her nasty divorce in 2003-2004, [Judge Ungaro] got a boob job. She bragged about it to her clerks and asked them how “they” looked.

If Judge Ungaro is proud of “them,” who are you to tell her she shouldn’t be?
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