Leo Wolpert.jpgWe usually wouldn’t recommend that law school students try to pay their tuition through gambling — but if you’re a former poker pro, it might not be such a bad idea.
Leo Wolpert, a rising 2L at the University of Virginia, just won “Event 29,” a $10,000 no-limit hold ‘em heads-up tournament in the World Series of Poker. From the Poker Pages:

Wolpert is a 26-year-old former professional poker player who is currently attending law school. He is enrolled at the University of Virginia. He just completed his first year. He graduated with an undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan. He spent two years as a poker pro, mostly playing online. Wolpert was so successful that he built up a huge bankroll playing mostly cash games. He decided to use his poker winnings to go back to school.

His total winnings in Event 29: $652,682 $625,682. With that in the bank and a law degree from UVA, we see a bright future in the cards for Wolpert.
Former pro Leo Wolpert wins Event 29 [ESPN]
World Series of Poker Leo Wolpert Wins Event 29 $10K HeadsUp [PokerPages News]

Marcus Epstein.jpgYou’ll recognize the comedic stylings of Tom Tancredo from his brief turn as the Republican presidential candidate capable of protecting us from the rampaging Mexican hordes. Recently, Tancredo has been liberally availing himself of the opportunity to call Judge Sotomayor a racist.
Maybe you can’t blame Tancredo for throwing around the racist moniker. White men get to use the term so rarely that hearing him say it is almost cute — kind of like when a baby learns its first curse word.
But maybe Tancredo should check his own house before throwing around charged terms. One of his chief speechwriters, Marcus Epstein, has pleaded guilty to a hate crime.

According to documents obtained from District of Columbia’s Superior Court, Epstein, 25, must appear before Judge Wendell P. Gardner on July 8 for sentencing after pleading guilty to simple assault charges stemming from an incident during the early evening hours of July 7, 2007. The documents state that Epstein was walking down the street making offensive remarks when he encountered the victim, called her the “N-word” and struck her in her head. He was briefly detained by the woman’s husband, but was able to escape, only to be arrested minutes later by a Secret Service officer who witnessed the attack. According to the officer’s statement, a friend of Epstein’s informed him that he had been drinking.

Nothing says “protecting the future of America” quite like getting drunk and slapping a woman.
While rubbing shoulders with Tom Tancredo and Bay Buchanan, Epstein has made quite a name for himself with his colorful rhetoric. But it appears that Epstein has been a good soldier for Tancredo. And the Congressman isn’t going to abandon him just because he likes to get drunk and hit black people on the head.
Apparently, neither will UVA. More details — plus an update — after the jump.

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champagne glasses small.jpgBefore we discuss this week’s finalists, here’s a peek at some of the weddings we can’t feature due to space constraints: a former Kirkland & Ellis partner marrying the youngest-looking 62-year-old we’ve ever seen, the creator of the Anonymous Lawyer blog marrying an anonymous doctor, and a Rhodes Scholar marrying an ordinary person.
The fact these couples couldn’t make the cut should tell you a little something about the quality of the field as we near the summit of the wedding season. Here are the three lucky couples who’ve reached the finals this week:

1. Kate Adamick and Kay Diaz
2. Sabrina Charles and Jamie Dycus
3. Jessica Chilson and Franklin Reece

Read more about these newlyweds, after the jump.

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champagne glasses small.jpg
It’s time for readers to choose the Legal Eagle Wedding Watch’s Mr. and Mrs. April 2009. Will it be the couple with four Penn degrees, the spunky HLS grads, or the silver-haired former ambassador and his Bushie bride?
Keep in mind that when you vote, you’ll be helping to determine which couple will be eligible to compete in December for the honor of being ATL’s 2009 Couple of the Year — the crème de la crème of legal/marital enviability.
Here are your finalists:

1. Elissa Bassini and Jeremy Pick
2. Tracy Zuckerman and Ryan Van Grack
3. Leslie Fahrenkopf and Thomas Foley

If you’re ready to vote, here’s the poll. If you need a refresher, you can find our write-ups on the couples after the jump. Voting concludes at noon on Friday.

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champagne glasses small.jpg

There are certain phrases you don’t expect to encounter in the same wedding announcement. “U2’s The Edge” and “associate counsel to President George W. Bush” probably fit that bill. And yet one of this week’s weddings manages just that curious alchemy, and more.

Here are this week’s finalists:

1. Robyn Neblett and Jermaine Fanfair

2. Elaine Stuart and Nirav Shah

3. Leslie Fahrenkopf and Thomas Foley

Get all the details on these couples, after the jump.

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UVA students were a bit jealous that NYU’s Law Revue got such prominent play here at ATL with two posts last month. One UVA 3L sent along this video from last week’s UVA Libel Show, saying:

Here’s one of the funnier videos from this year’s UVA Libel Show. In terms of humor we definitely feel it kicks the crap out of NYU’s Law Revue.

Should provide some lighter fare for your readers.

Very eloquent fighting words. Here’s the “Hot Bodies of Law” video. Judge for yourself:

The Con Luv Boyz “want you like Lawrence v. Texas” and “get excited when [they] see ya like Antonin Scalia when original intent is found.” We’re laughing, but still trying to get over the resemblance between that one Con Luv Boy and Carson Kressley from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

UVA and NYU, feel free to duke it out in the comments.

champagne glasses small.jpg

Marking a new low for the legal industry, there was only one practicing lawyer in the NYT weddings section this week. We were able to round out our contestant list with a 3L and a non-practicing JD, but LEWW remains alarmed about this decline in our profession’s visibility. We hope there is no truth to the rumor that couples are staying out of the NYT to avoid exposure on ATL. If that’s the case, we may have to cast a wider net for material — in fact, many commenters have suggested we do just that. We’ll keep you posted.

Here are the three finalist couples:

1. Christie Love and J. Lee Hill Jr.

2. Kathryn Fleming and Garrett Ederle

3. Monica Lesmerises and John Leibovitz

Get the scoop on these newlyweds, after the jump.

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champagne glasses small.jpgThere was no LEWW last Friday because last week’s wedding pages were even bleaker than the Biglaw employment news. We’ve bounced back nicely, though, because Valentine’s Day fell on a Saturday this year, making this week’s weddings section a February feast of premium nuptial news.

We present three outstanding couples for your consideration:

1. Parisa Sabeti and Ted Zagat

2. Jessica Holzer and Hans Nichols

3. Kendall Burman and Eric Volkman

Check out these newlyweds’ résumés and pictures, after the jump.

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new hampshire.gif* No trial for you! New Hampshire’s Superior Court is shaving a month of jury trials off of next year’s calendar because of its budget crisis. [New York Times]

* 9/11 masterminds recant their guilty plea because they want the death penalty. [Washington Post]

* Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo is taking the leaders of L.A.’s largest gang to court. The twist? It’s a civil suit, seeking monetary damages on behalf of L.A. neighborhoods for “property damage, loss in property value, emotional distress, personal injury, medical expenses, and out-of-pocket expenses” [Los Angeles Times]

* Ten percent of UVA 2Ls have not found “summer internships” yet. Alumni suggest they head to Nashville or Denver. [Daily Progress]

* Embattled Ninth Circuit Chief Judge Alex Kozinski is getting media attention again, for raunchy, politically-incorrect joke round-ups e-mailed out to friends, colleagues, journalists, lawyers and judges. Sadly, we were not on the Easy Rider Gag List distribution list. The jokes are kinda hilarious. [San Jose Mercury News]

* Five Blackwater guards charged with murder in killings of Iraqis. [Boston Globe]

Dahlia Lithwick Slate Senior Editor.jpgWe spent a fair amount of time last week in lovely Charlottesville, Virginia, where we spoke at the University of Virginia Law School (coverage of our talk appears here and here). We spent lots of quality time with UVA Law students — at dinner, at a karaoke bar, and walking around the beautiful grounds.

One of the highlights of our trip was attending a luncheon talk by the fabulous Dahlia Lithwick, who has covered the Supreme Court for Slate for the past ten years (and who also served as a celebrity judge on ATL Idol). Despite suffering from a nasty flu, she delivered remarks that were hilarious and insightful, shedding much light upon media coverage of the Court.

Read more, after the jump.

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