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Clerkship Bonus Watch: Sullivan & Cromwell Joins the $70K Club

Sullivan & Cromwell logo small S&C Sully Above the Law.JPGSome of you have asked us for a new thread to discuss clerkship bonuses. Your wish is granted.*
We’ll kick off this clerkship bonus discussion with some good news. It concerns Sullivan & Cromwell, which first got the ball rolling on clerkship bonuses, by raising to $50K in the wake of the Brokeback Lawfirm scandal.
(Law clerks, you owe Aaron Charney a debt of gratitude. If he sets up an Aaron Charney Legal Defense Fund, you should contribute generously.)
Anyway, here’s the news:

I just got a call from the recruiting coordinator at S&C confirming they are now paying 70K for those with two years of clerkship experience.

Please keep up the excellent work on this front, I desperately want Cleary to match!

A partial summary of where things currently stand in the clerkship bonus market, after the jump.
* We receive many requests to cover X or Y when salary matters are in full swing. We try to accommodate the ones that we can, but obviously there are many that we can’t. Sorry, we are not going to start a “List of Shame” for ERISA boutiques in Topeka that don’t pay $80,000.

We have cribbed these lists from this commenter (but moving Sullivan up to the first tier). If you see any errors, please email us. Thanks.
The $50K/$70K list:
2. Cravath
3. SullCrom
4. Skadden
9. Weil
The $50K “flat” list:
5. Davis Polk
6. STB
7. Cleary
12. Paul Weiss
13. Debevoise
The List-of-shame-Vault 20 list ($35K or less):
1. Wachtell
8. Latham
10. Kirkland
11. Covington
14. Wilmer
15. Shearman
16. Sidley
17. White & Case Williams & Connolly
18. Gibson Dunn
19. A&P
20. OMM

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