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Larry Tribe Has A Brain Tumor

Laurence Tribe Laurence H Tribe Larry Tribe Above the Law.gifNo, that’s not some insult hurled at the distinguished constitutional law professor by a right-wing zealot; it’s a fact. From a memorandum that went out to Harvard Law School students this morning:

In order to help you plan your spring schedules, I need to let you know that Professor Laurence Tribe’s class this spring is being cancelled because he has recently been diagnosed with a brain tumor that is benign but will require medical treatment. Professor Tribe has asked me to convey this information and his regrets about this necessary decision.

We wish Professor Tribe the best of luck with his treatment regimen, as well as a speedy recovery.
From one tipster:

It’s just a matter of time before knee-jerk dittohead-wannabes bust out jokes like “Isn’t liberalism a form of a brain disorder?” Then again, this could end up straight out of Woody Allen’s Everyone Says I Love You, if the removal of the brain tumor turns Tribe into a fire-breathing right-winger.

Professor Tribe is a public figure, and he has surely had every epithet in the book leveled at him, multiple times. Nevertheless, even if he’s a big boy (who has better things to do than read blog comments), please keep the discussion civil. Thanks.

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