Non-Sequiturs: 01.07.08

Mark Lanier W Mark Lanier Vioxx Merck Above the Law blog.jpg* Wow, this is wild. Mark Lanier (at right), the prominent plaintiffs’ lawyer leading the Vioxx charge against Merck, gets down and dirty in blog comments (at Overlawyered and elsewhere). [Overlawyered; WSJ Law Blog]
* Lawyer of the Day? Chicago attorney charged with keying a Marine’s car says he merely “rub[bed] past it.” []
* Upset about your bonus? You’re not alone. Goldman Sachs bankers employees are, too. [DealBreaker]
* For current and aspiring legal academics, here’s a quick wrap-up of last week’s AALS conference in New York. [PrawfsBlawg]
* Michael Saltzman, tax partner at White & Case and author of a well-known treatise, R.I.P. [TaxProf Blog]

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