Nationwide Layoff Watch: Quinn Cuts ‘A Handful of People’

Quinn logo.jpgWe’ve collected a number of layoff reports coming out of Quinn Emanuel the past couple of days. Overall, the numbers are a lot lower than what we’ve been seeing coming out of California. But it appears that some layoffs have occurred.

Our sources report that 6 people from the firm’s Silicon Valley office have been informed that they will be let go in the next couple of months. Multiple independent sources also report that 20 – 25 people have been let go from the firm’s Los Angeles office since the first of the year.

But when we reached out to John Quinn, he adamantly denied the reports from our tipsters:

A handful of people have been let go for lack of work. 25 is wildly inaccurate.

The sources we spoke with report various reasons for the layoffs. Some cite performance, others claim to have made their hours, still others said they were casualties of the economy.

Whatever the official number of layoffs, it does appear that Quinn has kept the amount of cuts down as compared to other firms headquartered on the west coast. You’ve got to take the good news where you can get it.

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