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Bingham McCutchen’s ‘Stepford Secretary’ Has Left The Building

Bingham logo.jpgA couple of days ago, we brought you the story of a Bingham McCutchen secretary who believed that her firm had great “CHARACTER,” despite these tough economic times. She closed her remarks with this:

So, although I am grateful for my job and middle class life, I realize that living daily in fear and conforming to play a Stepford role will not ensure either. Besides, I value and respect too many of the people at Bingham. I’ll stick with good old CHARACTER.

As we — and many others — anticipated, that secretary is no longer employed at Bingham.
The firm would not comment about its internal decision, but multiple sources independently tell us that she has been let go. As we understand it, she was fired on Wednesday.
One of our commenters had this insightful response to the Stepford Secretary’s situation:

I think this and eekboy’s “rant” is a reflection of our times. Everyone thinks their opinion is important and should be heard. While I don’t doubt this secretary has a beef on her mind, I believe she and eekboy have no concept of boundaries. This is part of the facebook/twitter/blog phenomenon where everyone thinks they can say WHATEVER they want, WHENEVER they want, WHEREVER they want.
She should’ve sent that to close friends and peer colleagues. Sending it to the entire firm is just selfish and egotistical.

But it could be that the secretary had more to say.
Details after the jump.

Obviously, we can’t always tell who is who in our anonymous comment thread. But it’s not impossible that this comment was left by the (former) Bingham secretary:

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD delete 182. Delete the email and the entire post. I have never seen anything like this and want to stop hearing about it. Bingham is a good company and so are it’s people. Nothing is perfect. Stop attacking and making more trouble. Just leave it alone. PLEASE.
Me, the crazy sec-chic from Bingham. Attack me all you want but stop the other crap. I care about those people and yes there may be some internal issues but those are our issues and we’ll deal with them inhouse. I apologize for 182 but appreciate the show of love and support. Please just delete 182.

To be fair, her note was not a total slam job on Bingham McCutchen. Of course, it was also ridiculously unreasonable to expect that the her thoughts would remain in-house after she sent it to every employee at the firm.
What was comment 182, you ask? Here’s an excerpt:

First that she came back to find that friends who once had intelligent opinions, and a voice were silent (stepford reference). Second, like an abusive relationship the NYHR department has finally broken her mentally and emotionally. Albeit her side of the stories, I have previously reviewed her firm’s handbook policies to get a clearer view on things. Mostly I am always shocked at how daring that department is. Boy if walls could talk. For years now behind those closed doors they violate not only laws but misrepresent and apply policy as they see fit.

Quite frankly, despite all the commenters who suggested it, I don’t think that anything here is a class issue or has anything to do with being an associate, a secretary, or some other staff member. Put simply: people flip out. It’s always happened, and the general uncertainty during this recession probably means that it will continue to happen.
These are tough times, and most people are just trying to hang on and get through these times without saying or doing anything they will regret.
But that is a tough needle to thread, and not everybody is going to succeed.
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