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Female Phillies Fans are Easy

Susan Finkelstein Phillies sex.JPGWhat would you do to score World Series tickets? If you aren’t willing to do what this Philadelphia Phillies fan had in mind, then you aren’t really trying. Earlier this week, the New York Post reported:

A rabid Philadelphia fan — apparently believing the “P” on the team’s cap stands for “prostitution” — was busted yesterday for offering sex in exchange for World Series tickets, police said.

Susan Finkelstein, 43, was nabbed after allegedly soliciting an undercover Bensalem, Pa., cop who answered her innuendo-laced craigslist ad seeking the coveted ducats.

CBS has a full photo spread of Susan Finkelstein, in case you have two spare tickets for Saturday.
That’s right, she needs two. One for herself, and one for her husband.
UPDATE: Actually, it seems that she no longer needs tickets for the next game. (Gavel bang: commenter.)
Allegations after the jump.

Finkelstein is married, so she needs two tickets. But she’s no communist. She understands how the market works and knows that getting two tickets requires twice the effort:

The officer said he had one ticket, but when Finkelstein said she needed two, the cop said his brother might have an extra, Bucks County Public Safety Director Fred Harran told The Post.
“She offered to take care of both men,” Harran said.
Asked what specific activities Finkelstein offered, Harran said, “Let’s just say she wanted to go around the bases the other way.”

According to Finkelstein’s Facebook profile, she is “very liberal.” That sounds exciting.
Finkelstein plans to fight the charges. And there’s already a Facebook group for her supporters.
Does anyone sense a double standard here? If a guy offered to have sex with a woman to get World Series tickets, he’d be called a super fan. Hell, if a guy offered to have sex with a woman to get tickets to a sorry-ass Knicks game, he would be called resourceful, not a prostitute.
In any event, if there are any girls in Philly that need a hook-up to get into the Georgia Women’s Lawyers event in Atlanta on Monday, give me a call.
Phillie femme offered sex for tix: cops [New York Post]
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