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Law School Tuition Hikes Spread Like Wildfires in California

Crushing Debt Obligations.jpgLast month, we reported that UC Hastings College of Law was set to become the most expensive law school in California. Apparently, the good people at Berkeley and UC Davis took that as a challenge.
Tomorrow, November 18th there will be a meeting on the proposed budget for the California university system. The tuition numbers for law schools would be terrifying for prospective law students — if only they were able to exercise common sense.
First let’s look at the proposed tuition and fees for California residents at Berkeley and other California public law schools over the next three years:
California law tuition residents.JPG
Notice that these numbers are up from the proposal that was on the table just this past August. I can’t imagine what tuition will look like when we actually get to 2012 – 2013. By then they’ll be charging people in Euros and organ donations.
After the jump, we look at what these schools plan for non-resident students (hint, it’s obscene enough that I considered putting up NSFW warnings), and why UC administrators think students will accept the tuition hikes.

Non-resident students should either get into Stanford or stay the hell out of California.
California law tuition non residents.JPG
$57,000-plus to go to law school across state lines? The penalty for transporting illegal firearms across state lines isn’t as stiff as Berkeley’s prospective tuition.
And UC Davis, what the hell are you thinking? Do students get their own private sex slave with those tuition checks?
What do these law schools plan to do with the extra money?
UC Law budget 1.JPG
Great. Because you know what we really need right now? More law professors. Law professors are, as you know, the only people with a J.D. that can get a freaking job right now, so this makes all kinds of sense.
Most incredibly, the report claims that students (and faculty) are generally comfortable with the rate hikes:
UC Law budget 2.JPG
California educators want you to believe that they found some students that they are about to price gouge who had their concerns “ameliorated.” If you are dumb enough to believe that, you are precisely the kind of kid the UC system will be excited to welcome to campus next fall.
Anyway, there are a lot of interesting nuggets in this report about what will be happening all across the University of California system. Click here to check it out.
Just remember that on the west coast, they’re not singing; they’re bringing drama.
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