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Open Thread: 2011 U.S. News Law School Rankings (34 – 48)

Let’s finish off the top 50 law schools as ranked by U.S. News. As many people know, U.S. News jump from its top 100 straight to the “third tier.” The jump allows many clearly “second tier” schools to claim that they are “first tier schools” even though everybody knows they are not. I’m not even sure that all the top 50 schools should be able to call themselves first tier: but I don’t make the rules, I just watch as prospective law students are fooled by them.

To refresh your memory, here are the next batch of schools:

34. Fordham.
34. Ohio State (Moritz)
34. University of Washington
34. Washington & Lee
38. Arizona State
38. Alabama
38. University of Colorado – Boulder
38. Wake Forest
42. BYU
42. George Mason
42. University of Arizona (Rodgers)
42. UC Hastings
42. Utah
47. Florida (Levin)
48. American University
48. SMU
48. Tulane
48. Maryland

These places charge like first tier law schools. But are they?

I hope Arizona State and Arizona have enjoyed having Latino applicants. I can’t imagine what self-respecting brown skinned person would go to law school in a place where every yokel sheriff can say: “show me your papers.” At that point, you’re just asking to be insulted (and tasered if you give them the slightest provocation). Colorado is looking mighty nice this time of year.

The only top 50 dropout is Cardozo. I guess that school’s march on Fordham has stalled.

Taking its place: The University of Florida. I’m all for Gator-pride. But is it really better to be applying for jobs in the Floridian market right now than in greater-New York City? Well, at least Gator-grads enjoy a lower cost of living. Living in a swamp > living in a cesspool?

THE Ohio State continues to be ranked crappier than most of the other big midwestern schools. I don’t really know why that is: maybe top law students aren’t as easily bribed recruited as top football players? (I kid OSU .. b/c I’m a Michigan fan and I hate them.)

There are some other curiosities on the list. If you can’t get into Georgetown or George Washington, is it really worth it to go to George Mason? U.S. News can’t make any distinction between BYU and Utah? Why? Can Tulane law students drink any other law student body on this list under the table? Can they drink any two student bodies under the table?

We need answers, people. Let us know in the comments.

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