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Lawyer of the Day: Public Defender Needs Defending

Apparently there was a choking in Chicago — and it didn’t involve the Cubs. From the Chicago Sun-Times:

A Cook County prosecutor was hospitalized this morning after being choked in a hallway of the 26th and California criminal courthouse, allegedly by an assistant public defender, police said.

The 50-year-old assistant state’s attorney “might be injured very badly,” an official could be heard telling prosecutors at the courthouse. But another source said the prosecutor was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital only for observation.

So what led to the alleged choking? It may have originated in a scheduling dispute….

According to the Sun-Times, the two lawyers disagreed over when to hold the next court date in a post-conviction hearing for a convicted murderer. After skirmishing on the record, the attorneys took it outside:

[A]t some point after the hearing, the argument became more heated, sources said. Police said the fracas happened in the elevator lobby on the first floor. The public defender put the prosecutor in a “choking headlock,’’ police said.

The public defender allegedly told a bystander he did it because he was “sick of him mocking him,” the bystander said.

The suspect has been charged with simple battery. Does anyone know a good defense lawyer?

UPDATE: The suspect, public defender Henry Hams, has retained counsel. Read more here.

Cook Co. prosecutor choked by public defender: police [Chicago Sun-Times]

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