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Career Center Survey Results: Another Working Holiday

Thank you for all your responses (or attempted responses) to this week’s Career Center survey on whether or not you worked on Presidents Day.  We received 715 responses before the flood of respondents managed to take the survey offline.

Based on the responses we did receive, the majority of respondents – 73% – reported working on Presidents Day, up from 66% who reported working on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  Almost half of these respondents indicated that their firm does not recognize Presidents Day as an official firm holiday, and 38% said that although no one asked them to do work, they had stuff that needed to get done.

What were some of the other reasons given for working on Presidents Day?

  • 19% said a partner or associate asked them to do work.
  • 13% said everyone else in their office was working.
  • 10% said they needed the hours.
  • 9% said a client asked them to do work.

On the practice group front, bankruptcy associates were the most likely to enjoy the holiday off, with 63% reporting that they worked.  On the other hand, litigation associates were the most likely to make it a working holiday, with 76% saying they worked.

In terms of class years, Class of 2003 associates had the highest percentage, 83%, of associates working on Presidents Day.  By contrast, Class of 2010 associates had the lowest percentage, 58%, of associates clocking in at work.

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