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Leader in the Clubhouse for Worst Job of the Year

Does this count as 'employed at graduation'?

This has not been a great weekend for the University of Pittsburgh community. As many of you know, the school’s college basketball team choked disappointed fans with an early round exit from the NCAA tournament.

You should always avoid comparing a school’s basketball team with its law school, but it appears that things aren’t going much better at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. While there is some evidence that the legal economy is recovering, the improving fortunes have not trickled all the way down to 3Ls searching for work….

Tipsters have been sending in a particular listing from the Pitt Law job board. This board is maintained by the Pitt Career Services Office — an office that has been somewhat under siege, as one tipster explains:

Except for the secretary, everybody that worked at this school’s CSO in the fall of 2008 is gone. For what it’s worth, I feel sorry for the new CSO director, who is a non-lawyer. He replaces an attorney who left campus in her socks after last year’s employment surveys.

The Pitt Law jobs board only has 24 listings to begin with (even less than the Above the Law jobs board, which just launched). Here’s one of them:

This t-shirt represents a job that is out of reach for many law students.

That’s three years of legal education, and Pitt is offering students the opportunity to put promotional flyers on cars? Some Pitt law students seem interested in the music business — many people forwarded us one Pitt student’s clever law school rap (mp3), “Ten Law School Commandments,” based on Notorious B.I.G.’s “Ten Crack Commandments” — but flyering work outside of concert venues probably isn’t what they had in mind.

And you know what’s sad? When you can imagine roadies sitting at a bar when a bunch of law students walk in, and the roadies start mumbling to each other about the “terrible life choices” of the legal types: “You see Chuck, while we were paying our dues doing sound checks for Arcade Fire, those kids were just playing around, wasting their lives.”

This might be the worst job Pitt has to offer, but it doesn’t look like an anomaly. Another tipster reports:

Two of the other jobs are for “volunteer attorneys,” and still another involves generating content for a New Orleans firm’s blog on a negotiable basis.

Pitt Law 3Ls, I don’t know what to tell you. Maybe you guys just need to sit tight and hope the steel industry comes back?

UPDATE (5:15 PM): Pitt Law’s Career Services Office has apologized for this listing, which was erroneously included in the school’s job database.

10 Law School Commandments [mp3]

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