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Wei To Go (and Testify Against Dharun Ravi)

Molly Wei, the pretty ex-Rutgers student who was charged with two counts of invasion of privacy in the Tyler Clementi case, has reached a deal with the prosecution. Wei, 19, has been admitted to a pre-trial intervention program that could result in the charges against her being dismissed.

What does Wei have to do as part of the PTI program?

The Newark Star-Ledger explains what took place in court yesterday:

Wei pleaded not guilty and was accepted into the pre-trial intervention program. Middlesex County First Assistant Prosecutor Julia McClure read the conditions of the agreement, under which Wei will have to complete 300 hours of community service and undergo counseling for cyberbullying and dealing with people with alternative lifestyles.

“Alternative lifestyles”? Jeez. Didn’t we discard that terminology back in the 1990s?

As part of the plea agreement, Wei must also testify against Dharun Ravi, the former roommate of Tyler Clementi. That might be difficult for her, considering that she and Ravi were once close (perhaps even romantically linked). But it’s certainly better than having a criminal record — or serving five years in prison, her maximum exposure had she been convicted on the two counts of invasion of privacy.

Molly Wei is no longer a Rutgers student — she withdrew in the wake of the Tyler Clementi controversy — and her attorney, Rubin Sinins, declined to say what she has been up to since then. He did state, however, that the PTI program “begins the process of giving her her reputation back.”

It’s going to be a long process. Best of luck to you, Molly.

Molly Wei, defendant in Tyler Clementi case, is accepted into pretrial intervention program
[Newark Star-Ledger]
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