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Suing Law Schools Potpourri: Tidings From Law Schools Named After A ‘Thomas’

A couple of days ago, we mentioned that Thomas Jefferson Law School had been sued, again. The school is already facing heat for its allegedly misleading employment statistics, and now it has also been caught up in sexual harassment litigation.

Officials at Thomas Jefferson furnished us with a response to the allegations that a school official sexually harassed an employee and his wife.

But that’s not the only law school litigation news we have today. Actually, we’ve come across a Craiglist ad looking for plaintiffs for a possible lawsuit against another school with “Thomas” in its name…

First, here’s the statement from TJSL regarding the allegations of former Director of Educational Technical Services, Charles Dean:

Mr. Dean’s history at this school demonstrated his inability to get along with his co-workers in two different departments. Mr. Dean made allegations of misconduct that allegedly occurred in the presence of his co-workers. The matter was thoroughly investigated and none of Mr. Dean’s co-workers supported his allegations. Mr. Dean then requested to be able to work at home and the school was unable to accommodate that request.

(Since this is a matter of ongoing litigation, you can understand that there is only so much TJSL can say.)

You know who hasn’t been sued? Thomas M. Cooley Law School. Well, they haven’t been sued yet. I mean, the school publishes a law school ranking that lists itself as the second-best law school in the country. I guess that’s not misleading under the “clear parody” exception.

But anyway, there’s a law firm on Craigslist that thinks there might be a way to haul Cooley into court based on how it advertises itself:

See, one lawsuit against Thomas Jefferson isn’t going to do anything. But if there are ten lawsuits, if there are 100 lawsuits, maybe schools will get so sick of dealing with this that they’ll stop trying to massage their numbers and instead adopt some basic level of transparency about post-graduate employment outcomes.

Attention Thomas Cooley Law School Graduates [Craigslist]

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