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Who’s the Worst Roommate: The Bro with the 13-Year-Old Girlfriend or the Bro Who Shot You in the Chest?

Bro mice

I’ve lived in some wild houses with some wild boys in my days. Drinking, drugging, fight clubbing, girls, girls, girls, and that one time nobody talks about — I’ve seen too much to be easily scandalized by what happens when bros live together.

I’ve never been shot by a roommate, but isn’t the risk of friendly fire germane to young men living well?

It’s random gunfire into the bro wall that exposes a much more disgusting scandal that makes me take notice. One roommate was trying to shoot at a mouse, and in the process might have sprung a child from an awful trap….

The Daily Mail has the crazy story of boys and consequences:

Police say one of four adult men living in the Taylorsville, Utah residence was attempting to shoot a mouse with a 9mm handgun when the bullet penetrated a wall and hit another roommate in the chest.

Officers responded to the scene at approximately 2:00am on Monday and arrested a third roommate, Paul Daniel Kunzler, after the teenage girl was found hiding in a closet in the basement…

Zach Baker, who lives in the basement, told KSTU-TV he slept through the gunshot and was shocked to see officers surrounding him and a 13-year-old girl…

The shooting victim, a 28-year-old male, was in the bathroom when the bullet struck him in the chest.

He was hospitalised in critical but stable condition.

[Police] said alcohol was involved in the shooting.


Alcohol was involved? YOU THINK? You haven’t really had a full on bender unless you wake up surrounded by cops saying, “I don’t even know this woman.”

If the allegations against Paul Daniel Kunzler are true, one really hopes the rest of the roommates didn’t know about it. Bros before hos, but way after little kids, and about equal to doing what you have to do to keep your apartment mouse free.

Man tries to shoot mouse but hits friend in chest… then cops arrive and find girl, 13, locked in closet and arrest roommate on child sex abuse charges [Daily Mail]

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