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Could New Jersey Get Its Act Together For The Bar Exam?

You failed the New Jersey bar exam. Oh, wait, no you didn’t. Actually we don’t know, because according to our tipsters, New Jersey is in the midst of another huge bar exam screw-up.

You’ll remember that when it came time to release the results of the July 2011 bar exam, there was a rumor that the New Jersey Board of Law Examiners lost the tests. The exams were missing for a time, but after we ran our story, they magically appeared — with no explanation from NJ BOLE on why there was a delay.

At least when the results finally came out, they were correct. Students who took the February 2012 New Jersey bar exam might not have been treated to that kind of basic competence…

A tipster tells us that New Jersey is in the process of regrading some of the bar exams:

The Nj bar exam seriously messed up on grading exams. I just called and they are regrading everyone. The woman told me to wait until tomorrow for a phone call if you passed?!?!? My coworker already received hers saying ‘sorry, we were just joking- you didnt really fail the bar.’ She had a 130 which is in the regrade range so are they just automatically passing everyone in the regrade range?

In many states, if your score falls within a certain range, you can ask to have your exam regraded. But they don’t automatically regrade everybody in the range.

And, again, in most states, they don’t tell you that you failed, then tell you that you passed, then tell you that you need to be regraded.

We asked New Jersey to explain just what the heck is going on, but they have not yet responded to our request for comment.

Which seems to be the problem with New Jersey when it comes to the bar exam. They just don’t seem to communicate with test takers in an efficient or even accurate manner. Applicants who take the New Jersey bar don’t seem to be sure what’s going on with the administration of the test.

Some people think the New Jersey bar is easier than the New York bar. Maybe this is Jersey’s way of making it even.

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