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Rowdy Defendant Curses Judge, Fights Deputies

They don't make these for your mouth.

Somebody skipped his medication. Or at least wants you to believe that he skipped his meds.

A man accused of stabbing his girlfriend to death had a bit of a nutty in a California courtroom last week. I’m calling it a “nutty” because the man is accused of stabbing his girlfriend 20 times — that’s full “insanity,” which is what the defense lawyers are pleading.

But I’m not sure that the defendant helped his insanity bona fides with his display in court. A profanity-laced nutty does not an insanity defense make….

At a pretrial hearing Superior Court Judge William Froeberg decided that Miguel Alexander Vargas was fit to stand trial. Mr. Vargas, uhh, begged to differ. From the Orange County Register:

Superior Court Judge William Froeberg reinstituted criminal proceedings against Vargas on Friday finding the defendant competent to stand trial, setting a trial date of June 22.

Vargas immediately started addressing the court saying the victim was alive and the case against him was fake, cursing at the victim.

When Froeberg, the second-longest serving judge on the Orange County bench and one of its most respected jurists, interrupted saying he had heard enough, according to a court transcript, Vargas said:

“You’re a f—— idiot, you understand me? You’re f—— idiot. Mexican mafia.”

The court: “Are you calling me a f—— idiot?”

Vargas: “Yes.”

Judge Froeberg is one of the most respected judges in California. But Vargas wasn’t nearly done with his antics:

Vargas, who was handcuffed and had leg chains and waist irons, was removed by Orange County sheriff’s deputies.

But a struggle ensued in the hallway just outside the courtroom in which Vargas – despite his restraints – ripped off the pocket of one of the deputies’ uniforms.

Okay, maybe he’s a little bit crazy. Crazy like a fox maybe. But at least Judge Froeberg doesn’t appear to be buying it so far. Evidently, the judge is not, in fact, a f**king idiot.

Inmate scuffles with deputies, insults judge [Orange County Register]

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