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Infographic of the Day: Commence the Biglaw Twitter Wars

Yes, Biglaw firms do use Twitter. And apparently some of them use it quite well!

But who is the Biglaw King of 140 characters? We came across an interesting infographic today that pits two of the hottest hitters in the law firm world against each other.

Which firms are they and how do they line up? had DLA Piper face off against Fulbright & Jaworski in a battle of the Twitter titans. Here’s the graphic, and with some additional analysis at the bottom:

You can see DLA’s account here, and you can see Fulbright’s here.

So, there are a couple interesting contrasts here. Fulbright has significantly fewer followers than DLA, but their follower:following ratio is way better. No one wants to be the dude on Twitter who has 10,000 followers but is also following 20,000 people. That just means you randomly follow everyone and hope at least a few of those people follow back. By the same token, Twitter users respond more frequently to Fulbright than DLA despite the significantly smaller number of Fulbright followers. Does that mean the firm is saying more worthwhile things?

Although, on the other hand, DLA is name-dropped on Twitter more frequently than Fulbright. The question this raises: does the Twitter buzz relate to their social media presence or just general prestige/reputation? Looking at the rest of the chart, I would assume the latter.

It is a little disappointing that the chart doesn’t list how many tweets each firm posted over the last month or even declare a winner of the battle. So, we will have to leave it up to the commentariat: what do you think?

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Twitter War: DLA Piper v. Fulbright & Jaworksi [Attorney Fee]

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