Sports Teams Host ‘Attorney Appreciation Night’ — How Many People Booed?

Normally when a sports team hosts an appreciation night, they select some noble, well-liked profession. Like teachers, soldiers, firefighters, or the police. The deal usually involves members of the chosen profession getting discounted tickets and/or concessions. Maybe even a meet-and-greet with third-string players.

It’s a nice way for franchises to shamelessly suck up to the public by looking like they’re giving back honor valuable contributors to society.

But occasionally franchises go contrarian.

We present Lawyer Appreciation Night….

The Washington Capitals have announced Attorney Appreciation Night for November 27th game against the Ottawa Senators.

I guess, this makes sense — D.C. does have more lawyers per capita than anyone else. But it’s not actually clear what the deal is. The event gives a $35/seat price for any of the available seats, which all look like mediocre seats and the ad doesn’t describe any other perks for lawyers. As Staci quipped, “We appreciate you by giving you the worst seats in the house for a price that is easily beaten online. Yay!” And she’s not kidding: Caps tickets for that night start at $25.00 on StubHub. Is this just a ploy to get lawyers booed by the general populace?

As it turns out this isn’t even the first lawyer appreciation event out there.

The Orlando Solar Bears of the ECHL have hosted one for the last couple of years.

At least this deal involves events and special prices.

It’s a tad suspicious that a rowdy fan base like hockey fans are the only ones looking to reach out to lawyers. I’m pretty sure this is all about luring out America’s most hated profession for a brutal beatdown.

Attend lawyer appreciation night at your own peril lawyers!

(hidden for your protection)

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