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Help Wanted: Lawyer To Work In Mailroom Sorting Envelopes. Seriously?

‘I’ve got a secret. My career is in shambles!’

In my time here, I’ve seen some truly terrible job listings, but this is something truly special.

A very recognizable company posted a job listing that you could characterize as insulting, but that’d be insulting to the word insulting. They want a lawyer to work in a short-term, full-time job opening sorting mail for $11/hour. Now you probably don’t believe that — because it’s insane — but we have the listing so you can stare at it in disbelief.

It’s the kind of job that makes babysitting look like a good option.

So what company has a job opening so easy a J.D. can do it….

Now with an important update that makes the whole tale more of a misunderstanding…

I didn’t think GEICO hired people to do anything but star in new ad campaigns for the same product. But apparently they do and they need a new counsel to deal with that stack of mail piling up.

Click to embiggen…

I am desperately hoping this is all a big misunderstanding and the description for an entry-level position accidentally got labeled as a “Staff Counsel” opening. Still, the heavy emphasis on the fact that the employee “ANALYZES” the mail suggests they really think this is something a lawyer needs to be doing — even though part of the job is to “ASSIST with loading/unloading trucks as necessary.”

Could taking this job with GEICO be the nadir of anyone’s career?

Is Thomas Cooley a terrible law school?

UPDATE (5/6/14): Thankfully, my desperate hope was fulfilled. GEICO just reached out and said that this listing is, in fact, for a Mailroom Clerk in New York and there are other listings for an Attorney and Legal Intern in the Westbury location and these were all scraped incorrectly by Indeed.

Summer/Seasonal Full Time Staff Counsel: GEICO – Westbury, NY [Indeed]

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