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PE Fund Formation US Associate Opening At Top US Firm In Hong Kong (English Only Ok) /
Project Finance / Asset Finance (Korean Fluency Required) US Associate Opening At Top US Firm’s Hong Kong And Seoul Offices

Please note that Evan Jowers and Robert Kinney will be working out of our Hong Kong offices the week of June 16, if you would like to set up a meeting with them, to discuss your career and the Asia markets. Evan is in Hong Kong monthly and Robert is there very frequently as well. It is not possible to find a recruiter who has placed half as many US associates and counsels in Hong Kong / China as Evan Jowers and you are not going to find recruiters with more experience in US partner movements in Hong Kong / China as Robert Kinney and Evan Jowers, but Robert and Evan have also advised a lot of US attorneys in Asia over the years, including senior partners, who have not had reason to move from their firms. It is ultimately a relationship business more than a placement business, although placements can be a bi-product of a lot of good relationships. Feel free to reach out to Robert and Evan at and to set up a meeting.

During any type of lateral hiring market in Asia, hot or cold, we will have the usual M&A, Cap Markets, FCPA / White Collar and Project Finance openings for Mandarin speaking junior to mid-level US associates in HK / China, as well as Korean fluent corporate openings in Seoul and Japanese fluent corporate openings in Tokyo. We have a bunch of those now, as always, in what is currently average and spotty lateral hiring market conditions (Asia lateral market report coming next week). Here though are two of our more unique openings in Asia:

Korean fluent, Project Finance / Asset Finance, mid-level to senior associate (Hong Kong / Seoul)

-This spot is for a 4th to 8th year US associate and will be initially based at a top US firm’s Hong Kong office. However, the hire will likely need to move to the firm’s Seoul office within a year or so. There is a realistic partnership track for this role, especially because of the new hire’s important role in building the Seoul office. Already based in Asia is preferred, but candidates will also be considered from US and Europe. This position is unique for two reasons: Firstly, it is not common to have project finance or asset finance openings for Korean fluent US associates. We have filed a number of such spots over the years, but its not a common opening. Secondly, this new hire will have the special circumstance of arriving into a position where there already exists a business case for promotion to partnership in the future.

PE Fund Formation, mid-level to senior associate, English only ok (Hong Kong)

-This spot is for a 3rd to 7th year associate at one of the top PE fund formation practices in Hong Kong, at a top US firm. What makes this opening uncommon is that English Only is ok for this spot and the expectation is that the new hire with come from New York, London or another major western market where there are very strong PE fund formation practices. The vast majority of the time we have a PE fund formation opening in HK / China, Mandarin is required or at least preferred. There is a business case for this funds group to add a partner in some years so this is a realistic partner track position if the new hire is on the senior end of the 3rd to 7th year range. The range is big because the hiring partner is more focused on finding the highest quality hire with the best PE fund formation experience, who can lead deals, rather than focusing on an exact class year. Of course, the expectations for the new hire will vary depending on their seniority.

Both of the above spots have very competitive pay packages, including NYC top market base and bonus, and very competitive expat / cola / housing allowances for Hong Kong. The hiring partners for both spots have great reputations in the market, not only for their practice, but also for being great mentors and treating their associates well.

As always, feel free to reach out to us at if you are interested in one of these openings, one of our many other US associate openings in Asia, or if you just want to talk about your career plans and how to make yourself more marketable in any of the Asia big law markets.