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The Surprising Future of Law Prophesied by Baseball Owners, Obama, and LBJ

The revolutionary impact of data science and analytics in fields like sports and politics is well known, and every day there seems to be another “Moneyball for X” analogy. But what, if anything, does this mean for the legal world, and when will it happen? This is a story about the data revolution that is already transforming the law, reshaping who wins and who loses, and how its potential was foretold long ago.

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Your Clients Already Think They Know The Law. How Are You Adapting?

Studies have found that 63 million Americans qualify for Legal Services Corporation-funded civil legal assistance. These lower-income persons may have serious legal needs, and when they do they completely mess up the courts smooth operations. In a survey of trial judges, more than 60% of the judges reported that unrepresented litigants had errors in procedure. 78% […]