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* A federal judge allows state challenges to Obamacare go forward. Whatever, wake me up in 15 years when we have to have the single-payer debate again. [Wall Street Journal]

* The purpose of teaching lawyers how to act isn’t to help them become better liars. [End Scene, Exit Right]. [Underdog]

* “It’s okay in Italy” is not a viable defense to sexual harassment. [Courthouse News Service via @kashhill]

* British billionaire Alki David will pay Obama streaker’s rent for a year, and his sister’s hospital bills, but not the full $1 million. [ABC News]

* CVS is getting smacked so hard, you’d think it was a supporting character on Breaking Bad. [CNN Money]

* A bunch of big name law professors, including several members of the Volokh Conspiracy, signed a letter endorsing the legalization of pot in California. [WSJ Law Blog]

* Musical chairs: congrats to Lat’s former Wachtell colleague, Scott Black, who has left the SEC and joined Hudson Bay Capital Management as general counsel and chief compliance officer. [Dow Jones]

The Verrazano Bridge to Staten Island -- the orignal "bridge to nowhere."

Don’t you hate it when rich people try to welsh on a bet? British billionaire Alki David dared somebody to streak — that means “running while naked and probably drunk,” if you’ve never been to college — in front of President Obama. Alki said he’d give the person who streaked in front of the president, with the name of Alki’s website emblazoned on his or her body, the tidy sum of $1 million.

Somebody from Staten Island (why am I not surprised) performed the feat (or substantially attempted to perform the feat) during an Obama event in Pennsylvania. Now Alki is considering hiding behind the law to avoid payment.

This must be how rich people get rich: make outlandish promises, then use fancy law talk to avoid payment…

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