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Legal Eagle Wedding Watch: August 6, 2006

legal eagle wedding watch david lat above the law legal blog law blog david lat david lat atl.JPGLast week we delivered our first ever Legal Eagle Wedding Watch. And now you’re addicted to it, hungering for more dissection of attorney nuptials. We’re happy to oblige.
In addition to the couples featured below, the child of a notable lawyer — Jeffrey Lefcourt, son of Gerald B. Lefcourt, the high-profile criminal defense attorney who has represented the Black Panthers, Abbie Hoffman, and Harry Helmsley, among others — got married (to the lovely Heather Hitchcock). Since neither Jeffrey nor Heather is a lawyer, they’re not included in this week’s competition; but we’d be remiss if we didn’t call your attention to their wedding.
Now, on to the main event. Today’s match-up features not three but four couples:

1. Rebecca Cohen-Shrage, Brian Fischer

2. Carletta Higginson, Christopher Poindexter

3. Mary-Rose Papandrea, David Ardia

4. Catherine Sheehan, Will Bruno

Check out the head-to-veiled-head competition, after the jump.

1. Rebecca Cohen-Shrage and Brian Fischer
Resume score: 8.6. She’s a rising 3L at Cardozo (and did her undergrad work at Tufts (cum laude)). He’s an associate at Cravath and a Harvard Law grad — magna, which is a big deal, in case you don’t know (since HLS produces summas once in a blue moon). Brian’s credentials are doing the heavy lifting here.
Family score: 7.6. Her parents are academics: her father teaches management, and her mother teaches copyright and trademark law, at Western New England College. (It’s no Harvard Law; but still…) His mother is a high school math teacher, and his father is the controller of an industrial adhesive company. To be frank, not super-exciting.
Balance score: 7.0. Balance could be better; he’s way more high-powered than she is.
Overall score: 7.73.
Additional comments: A solid couple. His HLS magna degree and Cravath associate gig are the obvious highlights.
2. Carletta Higginson and Christopher Poindexter
Resume score: 9.0. Strong creds. She’s a grad of NYU and Columbia Law, now in the New York office of Jenner & Block. He’s a Princeton alum and fellow Columbia Law grad, now working in the New York office of O’Melveny. Scores would be even higher if they were at New York-based firms; but really, there’s nothing to scoff at here.
Family score: 8.6. His parents are quite impressive: his mother is a state court judge in Virginia, and his father is the commonwealth’s attorney for Surry County, Virginia. Their score is brought down by her dad, who works for Con Ed — not the most popular company in the wake of the New York blackouts. (No occupation is given for her mom.)
Balance score: 9.7. Very well-balanced. Same law school, comparable firms. They’re separated only by the prestige gap between their undergraduate institutions (NYU vs. Princeton).
Beauty score (only if pictured): 8.8. Highly attractive. Carletta is especially lovely, with pretty eyes and a gorgeous smile.
Overall score: 9.025.
Additional comments: A superb example of the black power couple — even higher-scoring than Tasha and Imar from last week.
3. Mary-Rose Papandrea and David Ardia
Resume score: 9.3. She’s a former Supreme Court clerk (Justice Souter) who now teaches law at Boston College. Flawless by definition. He’s a lawyer at the Washington Post, which must be a neat gig. But his less gold-plated educational background — Clarkson undergrad, a master’s from Syracuse, and a law degree from Syracuse — dilute their score a bit.
Family score: 8.0. Her father served as Connecticut’s housing commissioner and as a probate judge; her mother taught English in high school. His father was the CEO of an industrial pump company and now chairs a company that “designs and builds seating areas and impact-absorbing walls for automobile race tracks.” BAM!
Balance score: 7.0. As noted, Mary-Rose is way more high-powered than David; balance could be better. (SCOTUS clerks must marry SCOTUS clerks — or suffer the consequences…)
Overall score: 8.1.
Additional comments: A former Supreme Court clerk marrying a mere mortal — this satisfies Mary-Rose’s pro bono for this year.
4. Catherine Sheehan and Will Bruno
Resume score: 8.5. She’s a deputy assistant inspector general at the Justice Department, a Wellesley (cum laude) and Boston College Law (summa cum laude) grad. He also has a law degree, from American University, but now works as a financial adviser for a subsidiary of the AXA Group.
Family score: 9.3. Her parents each have a Putlizer Prize — WOW! Her dad, Neil Sheehan, was the New York Times reporter who obtained the Pentagon Papers for it. Her mom, Susan Sheehan, is a staff writer for the New Yorker. His father is a director of the prestigious Marlborough Gallery in New York.
Balance score: 8.5. Hard to compare a lawyer and a non-lawyer; but the balance here is reasonable.
Beauty score: 8.4. Catherine is quite pretty.
Overall score: 8.68.
Additional comments: The strong suit of this couple: her parents’ Pulitzers.
THIS WEEK’S WINNING COUPLE: Carletta Higginson and Christopher Poindexter. A former Supreme Court clerk, and the daughter of two Pulitzer winners, are stiff competition. But Carletta and Christopher demonstrate consistency in credentials and comeliness. Congratulations!

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