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X-Summers: The Magnificent Mooner

X Men small X Summers X Summer Associates Abovethelaw Above the Law blog.jpgWe push forward with our series on summer associate screw-ups. If you have a tale to tell, please review our submission guidelines, and then email us.
In light of our earlier item about the bocce court at Venable, we thought this story would be apropos:
1. Superhero name: The Magnificent Mooner
2. Special power: Ability to destroy all hope for an offer in a matter of seconds.
3. Summered: Briggs & Morgan, “a few years ago”
4. Claim to fame: “Went lawn bowling (the Midwest equivalent of bocce) with the firm, after being ridiculously quiet all summer. After a day of drinking, culminating in his bowling the winning ball, he decided that the only appropriate reaction was to drop his pants in celebration.”
5. What happened to him: “[A]n offer was not in his future.”
We assume he didn’t file a lawsuit over getting no-offered. But there is precedent for an accused mooner going to court, claiming overreaction to his overexposure.
(The usual rules apply. Please don’t name the Magnificent Mooner or speculate about his identity. Thanks.)
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