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Legal Eagle Wedding Watch 1.27: Church of Your Heart

Legal%20Eagle%20Wedding%20Watch%20NYT%20wedding%20announcements%20Above%20the%20Law.jpgOur favorite bride this week is one we don’t get to write about. Rachel Berkowitz is a professional organizer who “helps individuals and businesses to organize closets, filing systems and offices and to move and pack.” And if you’re not a little bit turned on by that, we want to see your underwear drawer.
On the legal-eagle front, three Fordham JDs (at least) and a Sunday school teacher make this our first Catholic-themed week here at LEWW.
The contenders:

1. Sandra Zucker and Joshua Bennett
2. Mari-Claudia Jiménez and Steven Coffey
3. Laura Brown and Brian Vogt

More about these couples, after the jump.

Zucker-Bennett.jpg1. Sandra Zucker and Joshua Bennett
The Case:
– Dual JDs from Fordham wouldn’t get Sandra and Josh anywhere near the finals in the high wedding season. But it’s January, so color us not unimpressed.
– Sandra, who got her undergraduate degree from Michigan, is at Zucker & Ballen, a firm her father founded — and one you should contact “[i]f you have been affected by wrongful death or personal injury.”
– Josh, who went to Colgate for undergrad, is at the only slightly more prestigious Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft.
The Case Against:
– We’re depressed. And it’s not just the seasonal affective disorder; it’s the lack of mega-prestige in these write-ups. God, we miss Zina and John.
2. Mari-Claudia Jiménez and Steven Coffey
The Case:
– Another two-JD couple. Mari-Claudia is Williams/Fordham; Steven is Cornell/Yeshiva.
– Steven is in-house at Pzena Investment Management, which looks upon Wall Street and mournfully informs us that “[t]hese are the times that try value investors’ souls.”
– Mari-Claudia’s grandfather, Justo Rodríguez Santos, was a Cuban poet. Her father, Orlando Jiménez Leal, is a filmmaker who makes documentaries about Cuba, one of which the New York Times called “something very rare in films – an intelligent attack on Fidel Castro’s Cuban revolution.”
– Some of our readers may have run across Steven’s mom, Margaret Keaveny. She’s an administrator at Jones Day’s NY office.
The Case Against:
Mari-Claudia is an associate in the “art law” group at Herrick Feinstein. Apparently you can slap “law” on any noun these days, call it a practice group, and use it to recruit soulful Williams grads who feel bad about selling out.
Brown-Vogt.jpg3. Laura Brown and Brian Vogt
The Case:
– Laura and Brian are the Vows couple this week, and to our great frustration, the write-up doesn’t mention their educational backgrounds (other than Brian’s master’s from Princeton). So you’ll just have to guess where Laura went to law school.
– Our money’s on Georgetown, Fordham, or one of the Loyolas, because this couple appears to be very Catholic. (But definitely not Ave Maria, because they’re the Barack-Obama-supporting kind of Catholics.) They met at church (where she was a Sunday-school teacher), in a setting the article describes as “a plain room with industrial carpeting.”
The Case Against:
– Laura initiated their DTR talk with “a handwritten list of topics that she had developed. It consisted of eight discussion points, including family, spirituality and sexuality.” They got engaged at mile 29 of a 41-mile hike. They were in Iowa canvassing for Obama two weeks before their wedding. They seem . . . intense.
The Verdict:
We don’t have a picture of Team Jiménez-Coffey, but we sense sufficient hotness to propel them to victory in a slow week. Congratulations!

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