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A Postcript on the Monica Goodling – Michael Krempasky Engagement

Monica Goodling small 2 Michael Krempasky Above the Law blog.JPGMake that a Post-script — a shout-out in the Washington Post, for both the happy couple and ATL. From the WaPo’s delicious Reliable Source column (which has new details about the Goodling/Krempasky engagement, including their ages and the story of their courtship):

Engaged: Monica Goodling, 34, the former Alberto Gonzales adviser, to Michael Krempasky, 33, a top PR guy at Edelman and founding blogger with

The betrothal of the Pennsylvania natives (first reported by the legal blog proves that even a congressional subpoena can have a happy ending: The two dated just after college, then lost touch for a decade — until he saw her name last spring in the front-page stories about the controversial firings of several U.S. attorneys, and called to wish her well. He surprised her with a Valentine’s Day proposal at the same restaurant where they spent V-Day 12 years ago; no date set.

It’s a quintessential D.C. romance: congressional testimony leading to a love connection!
Additional commentary appears at Wonkette, TPM Muckraker, and Jezebel (among others).
Love, Etc. [The Reliable Source / Washington Post]
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