March 2008

  • Morning Docket

    Morning Docket: 03.07.08

    * UNC student body President Eve Carson (pictured) was shot and killed yesterday in Chapel Hill. [CNN] * NYC Assemblyman popped for DUI with a passed out woman in the backseat, and that’s not all. His sullied past includes allegations (plural) of rape and corruption. But, of course, he’s innocent until proven guilty. [CNN] * […]

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  • Barack Obama, Non-Sequiturs, Travel / Vacation

    Non-Sequiturs: 03.06.08

    * Feddie really, really likes Dahlia Lithwick. [Southern Appeal] * Pretty smells may reduce stress in the workplace. We doubt it would work in law schools. [Neuromarketing] * What would Obama ice cream taste like? readers go crazy naming a Ben and Jerry’s flavor after the political hero. [Slate] * The legality of laptop […]

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  • Police

    First Amendment Tangles with KKK (Again)

    Dan Slater at the WSJ Law Blog posted on an interesting First Amendment case about a state trooper’s involvement with the KKK. The trooper was subsequently fired, and now he’s arguing for his job back: In 2004, Robert Henderson, then a state trooper in Nebraska, joined an organization called the Knights Party after his wife […]

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  • Advertising, Health Care / Medicine

    Class Action Suit Settled by Makers of Airborne

    The makers of supposed cold-buster Airborne settled a class action lawsuit over false advertising claims today. When the herbal supplement first debuted ten years ago, the packaging proclaimed that it could “ward off colds.” Since then, the company has softened its claim, but the only study to support Airborne’s efficacy was conducted by two people […]

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  • Law Schools

    Book-Stealing Hoodlum on the Loose at U of Kentucky Law

    That’s right, people. Kentucky Law’s lockers are unsafe. A tipster forwarded us the email that Associate Dean Bakert sent out today warning students not to keep books in their lockers until the security threat is addressed. There was a lock on the locker in question, but the crafty thug apparently broke it. We know those […]

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  • Advertising, Announcements, Job Searches, Kramer Levin

    An ATL / Kramer Levin Public Service Announcement: Don’t Forget to Spring Forward This Weekend

    From a student at Duke Law School: I had to laugh out loud at Kramer Levin’s use of the daylight savings time maxim, “spring ahead/spring forward,” to suggest that we could do the same for our careers by coming to their firm. See the flyer below, which they seem to have sent to the entire […]

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  • Email Scandals, Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell, Musical Chairs, Screw-Ups

    Yet Another Biglaw Email Screw-up

    Some minor email amusement, in the spirit of Skadden Arps and Pepper Hamilton, courtesy of the Chicago office of DLA Piper: This is a pretty cool goof by Bill Rudnick, the new head of DLA Piper’s Chicago office. A group of partners just came over from Locke Lord Bissell, and apparently one of them went […]

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  • Pictures

    ATL Caption Contest: We Have A Winner

    We’re pleased to announce the winner of our recent caption contest: Justin: “Ah, Steve, you won’t believe it! You know how it was white shirt, blue tie day at the office? Well I wore a blue tie AND a blue shirt…I mean we laughed for like, hours. Seriously Steve, hours.” Alex: “F**k off, my name’s […]

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  • Job Survey, Kids, Perks / Fringe Benefits, Pregnancy / Paternity

    Featured Survey Results: Paternity Leave

    Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve posted four sets of results from last month’s ATL / Lateral Link survey on leave and part-time arrangements:  • your thoughts on whether you would rather work fewer hours for less pay,  • a running table of firms’ paid maternity leave policies (mirrored here),  • a breakdown of […]

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  • Mary Jo White, Partner Profits, Tax Law

    Debevoise’s Delicious Dough (But Beware, Biglaw Bigwigs: New York Dems Want Their Share)

    Debevoise & Plimpton has long been among New York’s most prestigious law firms. It’s also widely viewed as an excellent place to work. In the past, Debevoise’s prestige has arguably outpaced its profits. It’s often ranked more highly on the Vault 100 than on the Am Law 100 (when ranked by profits per partner). In […]

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  • Uncategorized

    An Update on Clifford Chance

    Two quick items about Clifford Chance, concerning two favorite topics here at ATL: layoff rumors and bonuses. A tipster at the firm told us: CC/NY has laid off more structured finance associates in the wake of the six associates laid off last October. At least two more structured finance associates have been laid off in […]

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  • Cars

    The Wheels of Justice: An Open Thread on What Brand of Car You Should Buy

    Some lawyers are really into cars. One prominent practitioner here in Washington collects Ferraris — but Tefft Smith is a fairly senior partner at Kirkland & Ellis, and you probably aren’t. So what you should do in the car department? From the ATL mailbag: I’m a 3L with an offer to BigLaw in California. I’m […]

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  • Uncategorized

    Nationwide Layoff Watch: Jenner & Block Demotes / Fires At Least Ten Partners

    Here’s your daily dose of schadenfreude. Associates aren’t the only ones suffering in the economic downturn; partners are getting axed too. From the Chicago Tribune: Jenner & Block, a top Chicago law firm best known for its trial attorneys, has downsized its partnership for the second time in two years. At least 10 partners have […]

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  • Morning Docket

    Morning Docket: 03.06.08

    * Skadden lawyers, take care. Police are investigating an explosion at the military recruiting station in Times Square. [AP] * Loose lips leaks ship’s info, gets convicted. [IHT via WSJ Law Blog] * Speaking of leaking, a Swiss bank has dropped its suit against Wikileaks. [San Francisco Chronicle via How Appealing] * More FBI privacy […]

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  • Daniel Solove, Law Schools, Media and Journalism, Pranks

    Oh, So That’s How Those Law School Rankings Work

    Here’s an interesting factoid. According to a quick search we ran over at the Public Library of Law (powered by Fastcase), the word “douchebag” has yet to appear in the pages of F.3d. [FN1] That may be about to change, if the Second Circuit decides to publish in a case that was just argued. From […]

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  • Non-Sequiturs

    Non-Sequiturs: 03.05.08

    * Just like the Hillary Clinton campaign, one of our favorite legal blogs, Southern Appeal, has resurrected itself. Welcome back to the blogosphere, Feddie! [Southern Appeal] * If Loyola 2L were still around, we’d direct him to this link, about a Loyola alum who has made good — very good. [LawCrossing] * A pressing question […]

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